WATCH: Channing Tatum tours Harlan County coal mine, vows to help Eastern Kentucky

WATCH: Channing Tatum tours Harlan County coal mine, vows to help Eastern Kentucky

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As I shared earlier, last week, Hollywood star Channing Tatum traveled across Kentucky on his press tour for his new film Logan Lucky. We’ve seen footage of his stops in Lexington and Morehead, and a few minutes ago, he posted another video of his time in Harlan. The visit started as a light-hearted adventure, with Tatum biking up a mountain and sampling the local moonshine, but it took a more serious turn when “Spanky,” a Kentucky state trooper, took him on a tour of Clover Fork Coal Company in Harlan County.

“The industry just left. The government just told people to leave because the coal industry, specifically there in Harlan County, isn’t coming back,” Tatum said. “People are in a very desperate situation and there is no real light on the horizon.”

The tour had such an impact on Tatum that he now feels compelled to help the area recover.

“It was a really sobering note. These people are smiling through the hard times. It’s really tough. They don’t want to leave because they love their home. They want to make their home better, just like anyone else does.”

“Harlan County really affected me. I think I’m going to go back and I want to try and do some stuff there. I feel somehow called to try and figure something out, to at least take a step in the right direction.”

Tatum posted the video of the trip on Facebook with this caption:

“I had a particularly moving and inspirational visit with the people in Harlan County and have been the maybe the most eager to share Episode 2 of #JimmyLogansRun with the world. Thank you Spanky for the tour and sharing your story with us. Enjoy.”

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