Watch Erin Andrews tonight because Coach Cal said so.

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erinandrews Drop what you're doing tonight, we have plans.  Forget about the NBA Playoffs, Jack Bauer, John Cena, and Junior's baseball practice.  Erin Andrews wants us to watch her tonight and before you ask - no, you don't need a spy kit to do so.  She will be on that dancing show with all of those has-been's and never-will-be's, and she wants our support.  She even stooped low enough to ask John Wall to pimp her out to Big Blue Nation on Twitter:
@ESPNErinAndrews: @jimmywa11 tell ur Twitter followers to vote for me tonight on Dancing With the (800) 868-3403 or go to
Even Erin realizes how powerful Big Blue Nation is.  Then, sadly, Coach Cal got in on the action:
@UKCoachCalipari: I think u all know how much I respect & admire Erin Andrews & the way she's bounced back from some difficult incidents in her life recently. @UKCoachCalipari: Well now she's doing it on one of the biggest "stages" imaginable - ABC's Dancing w/ the Stars. I'm asking all of BBN 2 support Erin 2nite. @UKCoachCalipari: Better yet, pull for her the rest of the season. Show your support by calling (800) 868-3403 or go online at!!!
So, there ya go, BBN.  This is what we call the offseason.  Our beloved leader is asking us to watch reality television and vote for Ms. Andrews.  Let's face it, if Coach Cal told us to jump off a bridge, we wouldn't hesitate.  Hell, we'd jump with a slice of Papa John's in one hand and a copy of Bounce Back in the other while texting "ADD COACH CAL" to 68948 on the way down.  But are we really going to watch Dancing With The Stars because Cal wants us to?  The answer is yes.  Yes, we are.  Because Coach Cal said so.  Just accept it and try to enjoy the show. Go Erin Andrews.

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