WATCH: Every Single Death in <em>Game of Thrones</em>

Nick Roushover 4 years


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Normally I reserve my Game of Thrones content to Kentucky Thrones Radio, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.  For the five people reading who aren't watching the best show on television, keep on scrolling.  For the rest of you, find your seatbelt. A YouTuber, Leon Andrew Razon, created a compilation video featuring every single death in Game of Thrones.  This video isn't for just main characters; he covers direwolves, sheep and even the manticore that almost took out Khaleesi.  In the 21-minute video there are 150,966 deaths covering the first six seasons of Game of Thrones.  That number is the best estimate you can find, a careful calculation of all battle and civilian deaths. If you want a heads up on what to expect, read beyond the video, but I suggest you experience the intensity blindly first.  Viewer beware: it's gory, grotesque and might be disturbing to some viewers.


-- I need a cigarette. --  This guy isn't out to offend those north of The Wall, using PC terms like "Free Folk" and "The Others" instead of what we all call them, White Walkers. --  It's tough to capture the big battles, but man, that's one hell of a succinct look at the hour-long Battle for Castle Black. --  I still hate seeing the Red Wedding.  Catelyn's death might be the most painful, because she knew something was wrong (but let's be real, Grey Wind's death is more heart-breaking). --  Even though dragon's are the most fundamental mythological creature in Western culture, I'll never not be entertained when they start murdering fools. --  Does Jon Snow's death technically count? --  This compiler was wise to not show some of the more difficult deaths to deal with (Stannis' daughter, Ned's beheading etc.), but to only give us snippets of Joffrey and Ramsay Bolton's slow, painful deaths? Come ON! --  Picking a fight with the Cleganes is a terrible, terrible idea. This was a nice refresher before the July 16 season seven premiere, but I suggest you listen to the KTR podcast, returning Monday night with a season three review.

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