WATCH: Perryville's Alyssa Wray may have had the American Idol audition of the year

WATCH: Perryville's Alyssa Wray may have had the American Idol audition of the year

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ABC/Christopher Willard
Alyssa Wray on American Idol

ABC/Christopher Willard

We already saw Alex Miller turn Luke Bryan into a giddy fanboy; now we have Boyle County’s own Alyssa Wray compelling the American Idol judges out of their seats during her audition Sunday night, when she absolutely meteored Jennifer Hudson’s “I Am Changing.”

The Perryville native about broke Lionel Richie before being sent on with a golden ticket to Hollywood. Wray is a student at Northern Kentucky University, and if her national television debut is any indication, she’s going to do just fine with the musical theater degree she’s pursuing. The 6’2″ freshman played basketball at Boyle County High School, but singing is her first love.

Seriously, what an amazing performance that was. While I’m no American Idol expert, I’d be shocked if she’s not a favorite to win the whole thing. We’re living in an embarrassment of riches when it comes to music in our commonwealth, and Alyssa Wray is the real deal. She’s performed in the Gospel Music Showcase at the Kentucky State Fair, and she’s now making us all proud on the big stage.

Watch her spectacular audition below, and follow her as she pursues her Idol path.

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