Wednesday's Would You Rathers!

Wednesday's Would You Rathers!

Will Lentzover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

Welcome back to our weekly installments of morally ambiguous questions!  Or something like that.

Last week we found out that most of you are closeted Duke fans, what with wanting to play them in MSG over a home and home with Kansas and play for them if they were your only option in college basketball.  (By the way, I kid about being you being a Duke fan, calm down.)  You were pretty split on the Rondo/Wall to lead a franchise debate – but most everyone wanted Tubby to be the first previous UK coach to win a title.

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1.) Would you rather have Patrick Patterson as a senior or Enes Kanter this year?  Note: Patrick had a lot of the intangibles that the team is missing right now – just my opinion though.

2.) Would you rather have football and basketball recruiting classes of 10 and 15 (respectively) for 10 years or 30 and 1 for the same amount of time?

3.) Would you rather have won the Ole Miss game in basketball or football this year?

4.) Would you rather go on a double date with Billy and Jeanine or Rick and Karen?

5.) Would you rather pass up the shot last night or take it?  Note:  You have no talent other than what you currently have.

6.) Would you rather see the Green Bay Packers or Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl?

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