Week 3 Results and Week 4 Game

by:Matt Jones09/20/06
So another week of "Choose or Lose" is through and we have another weekly winner.....yes the man with the plan, MAC is our winner. MAC if you are out there, email me at [email protected] and we will set up your winning blog post. Below are the scores and Week 4 games It truly was "Separation Saturday" as a crazy week of games gave us a crazy set of divergent scores. Mac of course had 12 and then our guys Wes and kenman07 only had 4. A few notes...."Jason the Kid" correctly predicted the EXACT score of the UK-Ole Miss game....our man Mosley disappointed the world with only 5 correct predictions.....and big ups go out to SuperBlueDude, second for the week and will be our overall leader when the standings are released tomorrow. Until then.... Mac 12 SuperBlueDude 11 jsgorocks 11 nepalibabu 11 palmerjr 11 Rob Gidel 10 gutter2D 10 kentapolis 10 KeyserSoze 10 Rich Holt 10 corporateautocra 10 Intern 10 Mmfiji 10 Doug 9 Walls 9 Paladin 9 mattcat73 9 JasontheKid 9 WillK 9 MrMujumdar 9 Matt Jones 9 MyDixieWrecked 9 matt57 9 Gerry Dinardo 9 Ethan 8 Drunk Irishman 8 Captain Morgan 8 Ricky Bobby 8 Pasimp44 8 D.Williams 8 Turkey Hunter 8 Mike Jones 8 Nathan Rice 8 Kevin L 7 Payne 7 T.Walters 7 Duncan Cavanah 7 CaliCatFan 7 wildctky 7 JLove 6 BRN2BNK 6 Phil Shelley 6 Rich 6 Keith 6 Maconvolfan 6 Wayne 6 NewWildcatOrder 6 Mosley 5 gwblak 5 Wes 4 kenman07 4 Now time for Week 4 games. Picks due on Friday at 5 PM. Terrible game choices, but here we go: Northwestern at Nevada Minnesota at Purdue Tulsa at Navy Washington St at STanford Arizona St at Cal UCLA at Washington UCONN at Indiana C. Michigan at E. Michigan Air Force at Wyoming Boston College at NC State Alabama at Arkansas Wake Forest at Ole Miss South Florida at Kansas Mississippi St at UAB Notre Dame at Michigan St Oklahoma St at Houston TIEBREAKER Score of Kentucky vs Florida

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