Welcome Back Mike Davis!

Welcome Back Mike Davis!

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
davis A tradition unlike any other. We are closing in on a Saturday in December, with a nip in the air and a big game in Freedom Hall on the horizon. Every other year, Kentucky fans file into the evil Cards' home arena to watch our boys clad in Blue take on a team coached by the human explosion known as Mike Davis. Every year we know the game will be relatively close, the Cats will pull out a win and Coach Davis will go crazy and do something unbelievable and embarassing. Yes it is a tradition unlike any other, except this time Coach Davis wont be glad in red, but will be adorned in puke green as coach of the official nemesis of Kentucky, the UAB Blazers. UAB is not good....but Kentucky hasnt been great this year either. But no matter what happens, Mike Davis (who I like personally very much) is on the other sideline....that should help you sleep tonight

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