Welcome To Taliban Hate Day! Er, Rainy Saturday Morning Links

Welcome To Taliban Hate Day! Er, Rainy Saturday Morning Links

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Seriously, I will let you write a post today if you bring me DD.

It’s my first Saturday without a swim meet in a while, and the scheduling gods went and put the game on Sunday.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  But all is well at the Lentz household, as I’ve got you my dear friends.  Spend your day with me, or come check in on me sporadically as I take you through a dreary Saturday, but no matter what you do, somebody bring me some Dunkin Donuts before I go crazy up in this heezy (…it’s starting.)

Your Saturday morning links!

-First, congratulations to our Lady Cats for winning game number one against the LSU Tigers in the SEC tournament.  UK Hoops won their first meeting with LSU by two and escaped from the Tigers again by the same margin yesterday.  Kentucky will play Vanderbilt today at 6:30.

-On a similar note, congratulations to Trevor Lacey for leading his team to a state title. Lacey only had 13 points, a far cry from some of his higher scoring nights when he has topped 50, but it was enough for his team to win 44-39 in what was a very physical game.

-Apparently Coach Cal says Scotty Hopson may be the best player in the SEC.  Of course, it’s widely known that he thinks BTI is the best writer on KSR, and that’s simply not true either.

-I’m not sure how Matt didn’t link these last night in his ‘everything awesome’ recap, but don’t forget to check out his CBS All Access pieces if you haven’t yet.  And if you’ve already read them, go re-read them and get in a fight in the comment section with the Louisville fans.  Little brother is so cute sometimes.

-The guys over at A Sea of Blue take a look at Josh Harrellson and how Jorts might be more important than you’re giving him credit for.  They use fancy things like charts and numbers and such, so it makes me believe them.

-Also!  In case you’re wondering about the NFL lockout, Bill Simmons has a good piece that slowly explains what’s going on.  I’ve known Bill for a while, and that little blog of his could use some hits, so if you’re feeling generous give it a look.  For a friend.

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