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Mattoxabout 14 years


Article written by:MattoxMattox
Andre Woodson The better team won. It wasn't a fluke. It wasn't the product of Louisville having an off day. The University of Kentucky was the better football team. Period. The Cats were 6-6 in the red zone and came through with the big time play when it mattered most. Clearly this was not the case of all the stars aligning and the hungry upstart stringing together the perfect game to just edge out the mighty favorite. No. Sorry delusional Card fan, but that's just not what happened on Saturday. In fact, from where I sat that does not remotely resemble what happened. The Cats played a solid football game, but there were mistakes (late personal foul anyone?), missed opportunities (two early field goals that could have and should have been touchdowns), and even serious break downs on the field, (100 yard kick return for the win). In the end they were able to overcome all of that and hold off the inferior Louisville Cardinals for a win. Don't construe that line of thinking to mean that I believe Louisville sucks, because they don't. Louisville is not a bad team. Kentucky isn't a much better team than Louisville, but Kentucky is better and they proved it Saturday. Storm the Field 3-0. Typing that never gets old. Now it's time for SEC play though. Now it's time to embark on quite possibly the most brutal conference slate in the entire nation. First the Cats travel to Fayetteville to face lowly (by SEC standards) Arkansas. You know the team with Heisman hopeful Darren McFadden. The same team that played for the SEC Championship in Atlanta last December. Oh joy. The SEC scheduling gods certainly were kind to the Cats this year placing the Hogs and the LSU Tigers on the slate. Any team not named LSU coming from the west to Commonwealth on October 13th and the Cats would probably walk out with a W. Too bad the Cats drew the NFL Development League Tigers of LSU. I'm road tripping it to Fayetteville this weekend. Never been to Wal-Mart University before so this should be quite the experience. As usual, I'm sure the natives will show us great southern hospitality and we'll probably tailgate our ass off at their stadium and later at their bars. Here's hoping to a 4-0 start and keeping McFadden under 300 yards. This game and the South Carolina game will tell the tale of what kind of bowl game the Cats can expect to be playing in. 2-0 and I wouldn't make any NYE plans yet. My prediction for Saturday: Cats 37 Hogs 31. Trevor Joelson penned what is quite possibly the dumbest sports article I've ever read for The Louisville Cardinal this week. True Story. His brilliant idea...Brohm should quit and let Cantwell play so he doesn't get hurt, because the Cards can't win the national title. Dear Trevor, you should quit and let Kige Ramsey write your column, because you'll never win a Pulitzer after that asinine piece of prose. This guy probably thinks the War in Iraq is going great, that Britney Spears is just misunderstood, and the Kentucky Derby is just some horse race. Excellent message too: When the going gets tough quit. Feel free to leave disparaging remarks about me in the comments section Trevor. Quick Hitters More Predictable: Britney totally botching her performance last week or Bozich writing about moving the damn game again this week? More Pathetic: The Notre Dame offense or ESPN's attempts to inflate the importance of a match-up between an absolutely God awful Notre Dame team and a somewhat less than mediocre Michigan squad? More Dominant: LSU over the rest of college football or the Patriots over the rest of the NFL. More Anticipated: The premiere of The Office or the premiere of Smallville. Smores: I like 'em. Free Lachlan

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