What a Day!

What a Day!

Matt Jonesover 14 years


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tubby Well this is one of those days that leaves you speechless. I was sitting at work, minding my own business around 1 pm when I got an email from a regular reader (who I will no longer doubt) who told me this message: "Tubby is leaving and going to Minnesota....you heard it here first." I of course immediately discounted it.....and boy was I wrong. The news broke around 2:45 and everything went haywire. Our radio show (which thankfully was scheduled from 3-7) blew up with calls and the information flow both locally and nationally took off. Within minutes, this blog was overwhelmed, bringing down every blog hosted by HostMySite and requiring me to pay for a dedicated server. Oh well, such is life. Tubby foils me again. In all actuality, it was an understandable decision by Tubby but one that really took me off guard. I wasnt shocked to see that he made a decision to leave Lexington.....this was probably a long time coming and it was a result that could be predicted. But I was shocked that he left to take a job at Minnesota. No offense to the Golden Gophers program, but they have been to the NCAA only six times in their history....but as many would say, they will be easy to please. There will be plenty of time to speculate on candidates (for instance in about an hour at my next post).....but for now.....at least we are back online.

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