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Aritcle written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya
http://bigbluehistory.net/bb/Graphics/GameAction/19830208MississippiState.jpg He is so high right there Glancing at the front page of the Herald-Leader this morning, I found it quite peculiar to see this headline: “1983. The ‘Dream Game.’ Kentucky versus Louisville. UK guard Dirk Minniefield had a secret.”“A secret? "Oh Mr. Tipton,” I thought to myself, “please, be gentle.” Immediately, my head was teeming with possibilities. Is Dirk going all John Amechi on us? Was he shaving points? His legs? This could be a bombshell. My jaw dropped as I turned the paper over, not out of shock, but rather amusement, as I read “UK star smoked pot night before game.” Oh. Hm. Well, I guess either the HL, like most dailies in the nation, is really reaching to move some ink, or, they’re just slow on the uptake…like, 25 years slow. In the article, Tipton catches up with Minniefield who was in Charlottesville, VA to speak at “an NBA-sponsored camp for star high school players,” warning them about the consequences of his past mistakes. Minniefield says he, along with a few undisclosed teammates, toked it up the night before the intrastate regional final in St. Louis. He also admits that it might’ve been Mary Jane, not Charles Jones, that deflected his potentially game-sealing shot at the end of regulation. “I don’t know if the Marijuana had an impact. I’m not a doctor. Being a player, I’m going to say that (it did).” Overtime. A stoner's kryptonite. Ahh, if only he'd have taken the stuff that made him do this, we'd be singin' a different tune. Look, I’m all for Dirk learning from his mistakes and educating the youth. We all dabble in the art of idiocy every now and then, and fortunately, we live in a country where we’re granted the opportunity to rectify. But is this really news, or for that matter, front page news? Tipton cites Joe B. Hall as being “surprised” to hear the news, so I guess that makes one (wink). So there you have it, straight from the front page of the Herald-Leader, Dirk Minniefield used to get stoned. Did you hear that? That was the sound of the earth, shattering.

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