What should we expect this year?

What should we expect this year?

Thomas Beisnerabout 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
It seems that with every passing day, we're getting one more little bone thrown our way to tease us toward the start of college basketball season. Big Blue Madness. SEC Media Day. Coaches Luncheons. Blue-White game. And, today, the release of the coach's poll. The Cats check in initially at 40th overall (3rd in the SEC) and behind such powerhouses as Siena, Baylor, St. Mary's. They even received fewer points than Clyde's old team and an imploding Arizona squad. That's not a lot of confidence in a team that, to be honest, might not really deserve it yet. But, that leads me to my next point.... Last night on Sports Night, Matt presented a very interesting question. As a UK fan, what would you consider a great season, an average season and a bad season? This is a very strange pre-season for the Cats and I think it would be very interesting to see what everyone's thoughts are on the subject. Despite losing two big-time players, Kentucky returns an All-American caliber player (Patterson) and an All-Conference type of player - but one that missed the majority of last season - in Jodie Meeks. They have a fairly good - but not outstanding in terms of rankings - freshman class and basically everyone else is a role player. But, with that being said, is this team's ceiling higher than last year's? I think so, but I'm interested in what everyone else thinks. Discuss.

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