What we Learned from Saturday's Scrimmage

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[caption id="attachment_116620" align="alignnone" width="500"] I'm tired of pictures of Joker, so here's Randy Sanders for your viewing pleasure.[/caption]   - THE OFFENSE IS BETTER!!!!!!!! Please Big Blue Nation, try to get excited. There still is not an official starting QB, but a Maxwell Smith led drive of 14 plays 98 yards should put him in the driver's seat. Joker Phillips said Friday that he wanted to see big plays, and a long drive. Smith really did a good job of listening to his coach. The drive featured a power running attack, something we don't see often. Freshman RBs Dyshawn Mobley and Justin Taylor contributed a lot, and will definitely be seeing time on the field after showing the coaches what power and size at the running back position can do for a football team. - The 98 yard drive featured a lot of things that the coaching staff wanted to see out of the offense. The drive surprisingly didn't have many big 30 or 40 yard plays, rather consistent play throughout. “It means you had a lot of guys doing the right things a number of plays in a row," said Offensive Coordinator Randy Sanders. The consistency can probably be most seen on the Offensive Line, especially the fact that there were only 2 pass plays the entire drive. - La'Rod King keeps playing like it's his last game. The Sr once again caught a pair of touchdowns in the scrimmage. La'Rod looks to be Mr. reliable this year at WR. E.J. Fields and Demarco Robinson also caught touchdown passes, CoShik Williams got one on the ground, and a couple of unnamed Freshman also got in the endzone. I love knowing that we will be able to put points on the board. - The return units proved to be something worth watching. Derek Abney and Randall Cobb were amazing to watch, but last year was absent of anything worth WOWing over. Yesterday it was leaked that Demarco Robinson and Freshman Damarcus Sweat both had long returns. It can be a battle for field position sometimes, and every extra yard will help the Cats offense gain some momentum. - To end it, I'm going to give you a taste of what the media members have had to experience from the staff when they are asked about the Quarterback situation. Here is Randy Sanders Saturday reply.
“They are progressing as they should progress. … For the most part, the ball was coming out to who it should’ve been coming out to, when it should’ve been coming out of their hand. … The one thing we’re doing as a group right now is throwing the ball accurately.”
It all sounds good, but it really doesn't mean anything. I'm expecting a QB decision tomorrow, stay tuned.    

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