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What would Matt Bonner do?

by:Matt Jones04/07/06
If you are like me, and I am sure you arent, you have probably been wondering, "what ever happened to that red head guy for Florida who used to always hit huge threes against us?" Well if you dont follow the NBA, and I am sure you dont, you might not know that he is a relatively successful player for the Toronto Raptors. Yes Matt Bonner, one of the more unathletic looking good college basketball players in recent memory, is not only in the NBA, but is flourishing. AT various points this season, I have caught a Toronto Raptors game (and feel very fortunate for having done so) and Bonner is always doing Bonner things.....hustling for rebounds when everyone else is standing around....hitting open 17 footers and generally looking like a dork. But what no one knew, including me is what a cheapskate Bonner is. Apparently Bonner has yet to buy a car and takes the public transportation system in Toronto. This from an NBA athlete, who says he only wants investments that appreciate and cars are not it. Now I am all for saving the environment and money....but no car? Heck even Rondo pimps a better ride than that.....

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