Whats Up with Aaron Boyd?

Whats Up with Aaron Boyd?

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
aaronboyd The most exciting bit of non-news of the day comes courtesy of Aaron "Flyguy" Boyd (his name for himself, not mine), who supposedly expressed some discontent on the World Wide Web last night. According to a couple of people not mesmerized by the awful debate last night (as I was), Boyd made some comments on Facebook that referred to some frustration about not playing more, questioned his decision to come to UK and even mentioned one other player on the team who he believed was getting his time. In short, a poor decision. Those comments have since been erased (thankfully) and the lesson once again is that UK has got to get these kids to lay off o posting their thoughts on Facebook ASAP. The problem is simple....they arent regular college students....so when they do the regular college student thing online, it blows up in their face. Caution is definitely needed. As for Boyd, I would not yet worry about it. Anyone who has ever played a sport has had the feeling that their value and worth was not being appreciated. It is a part of the whole experience and frustration is normal in any team event. The difference here is that Boyd may have had the poor judgment to write about that frustration on a social networking site. In that regard, he screwed up. But as for him being likely to leave or not getting along with his teammates....as Public Enemy once said, "Dont Believe the Hype." Frustration is the name of the game for Freshmen....lets get through the season and then re-evaluate later.

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