When Mississippi State Players Stop Being Polite, And Start Getting Real

Will Lentzabout 11 years


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In case you need a reminder of who Kodi Augustus is.

In one of the more bizarre news pieces that doesn’t involve Karen Sypher performing oral sex, Mississippi State is trying a new approach to getting their name in the news cycle.  Rick Stansbury has ordered that his players must appear apathetic about their sort of girlfriend on national television.  Those of you who watch MTV’s Real World (of which, I am not one,) were treated to a surprise appearance from a somewhat familiar face.  According to people who watch the show, one of the house mates was in a long distance open relationship with Mississippi State forward Kodi Augustus.  As Jeff Eisenberg from Rivals put it “An open relationship between a Division I basketball player and a reality TV star? Sounds like the recipe for lifelong love, doesn’t it?”

Of course, as all people on the Real World do, the girl (whose name is Jemmye,) starts to get involved with co-star Ryan Knight.  Because, you know, if you get the chance at this, you’d be crazy to turn it down.  Worst part of the story, Ryan apparently goes by his last name of Knight.  For those of you who still had faith in my generation, it has certainly been destroyed by the Kodi-Jemmye-Knight love triangle unfolding in front of millions of captivated teens. If not for the audacity of their names alone.  There is a rumor though, that Knight wore a UK2K shirt later in the show.  If that’s the case, I can’t be too upset at him for his terrible name choices.

Kodi has yet to accept my friendship on facebook, and Stansbury hasn’t shown up to our weekly bridge game since he called me on a lane violation, so if you want to know who wins the heart of the Jemmye, you’re just going to have to tune in to find out.

Still, the best part of this whole thing has to be Dee Bost’s excitement about getting a ‘four second cameo.‘  It makes you think – he’s probably the kind of guy that asked John Wall for his autograph after this years championship game.

In related news: Former Dallas Coach Jimmy Johnson is a contestant on the next season of Survivor.  Jimmy, if you’re reading this, tell the folks at CBS that I’ve got next.

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