Where Does Rajon Rondo Go From Here?

Where Does Rajon Rondo Go From Here?

Bobby Reaganover 6 years


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NBA: Boston Celtics at Detroit Pistons There's been plenty of unique - yeah, let's call them unique - players through the years at Kentucky. There's been numerous personalities that we as fans have loved, gotten frustrated with or flat out didn't like. However, the one person who may have made people feel all three ways is none other than Rajon Rondo. Well, that has stuck with Rondo during his NBA career as well, even as the starting point guard on an NBA title team with the Boston Celtics. Now, Rondo is going to have to find his third team in a year as Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle said Rondo will never suit up in a Mavericks jersey again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMqmazGYBns That video was from earlier in the year, but yeah, you get the idea of Rondo and Carlisle's relationship. They make Louisville fans and Matt Jones look like best friends. Rondo played just 34 seconds in the second half during Dallas' loss in Game 2 against the Rockets. In those 34 seconds he picked up two personal fouls and a technical. So, the question is, what happens now to a guy who was once regarded as 'next' when talking about point guards. He's not longer regarded a top-10 point guard, let alone a top-5 point guard as he gets ready to hit free agency this summer. Well, here are three destinations to keep an eye on if you want to follow a former Wildcat in the NBA. Los Angeles Lakers It's been long rumored that Rondo will end up in a Lakers jersey as Kobe has been recruiting him for quite some time. This would be fun for Kentucky fans - those that like Rondo that is - as Julius Randle would have another Wildcat finding him in the open floor. New York Knicks Could two more Kentucky players end up as teammates if Karl-Anthony Towns is drafted by his hometown Knicks and Rondo joins him in the Big Apple? It's certainly possible as rumors swirled earlier in the year that Rondo would be a popular target for the Knicks in free agency. After all, they won't have a ton of cap space thanks to the Carmelo deal, but Rondo should come at a discounted rate thanks to his recent actions. Houston Rockets I'm starting to notice a trend here. There's a lot of former Kentucky players in the NBA. If Rondo goes to the Rockets, he'll be teaming up with another big personality at Kentucky in Terrence Jones. Now, Jones is obviously more beloved by Big Blue Nation -not saying Rondo isn't, but that 2012 title team will live in Kentucky lore - but he was known to throw a temper tantrum or two during his time in Kentucky. Whatever happens to Rondo, we wish him the best of luck as he tries to prove to everyone that he still is the talented point guard many thought he was just a couple of years ago.

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