"Why are Kentucky fans so despised?" - A Hoosier Defends Us

"Why are Kentucky fans so despised?" - A Hoosier Defends Us

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Cal at Jeff Ruby's in downtown Cincy via Mike from Sidebar (Covington) Last night, we mentioned the animosity towards Kentucky fans that some sects of folks from the 'Nasty Natti' and Ohio had towards our Wildcats and John Calipari last night based on the Reds' hosting of the UK guys and allowing Cal to throw out the first pitch.  Tyler recapped Marty Brennaman's criticism of the hatred in last night's notes, but there was an interesting article written on the topic yesterday. Over at WCPO.com, John Popovich penned this piece that asks the ever-present question of,"Why are Kentucky fans so despised?" in which he blasts the haters.  This is a pretty thoughtful piece from a non-UK fan.  He acknowledges the good parts of the fanbase, along with the negatives that come with such a widespread group. He basically calls OSU fans hypocrits, and I think he is spot on.  Living in NKY, Buckeye fans have proven themselves to be a beast I did not know existed in such annoying force.  And they have been one of the most outspoken critics of the Kentucky fanbase.  And that's okay -- just admit that you are the same thing except you wear red and white, don't know the rules of basketball, and suddenly think Urban Meyer is a fantastic human being. Check out this excerpt:
On my way home Monday, I was listening to Lance McAlister on 700-WLW, and there was a 56-year-old caller who seems to become physically ill when he sits next to a fan wearing a Kentucky jersey. He said he wouldn't go near GABP Tuesday, even if he was offered Diamond seats, the best seats in the house. What the hell am I missing? Have we become so uncivil, so intolerant, so misguided that we can't appreciate what a school or a team has achieved?
There is some great stuff in this article, including a bit of ancient history that UC Bearcat fans apparently like to use against UK.  I've got no problem with either fanbase -- I appreciate them for what they are and hope their programs succeed (so long as it is not at the expense of UK) so they can enjoy the fun that comes with being a fan.   And yes, I realize that the complainers don't represent the entire fanbase of either.  I just wish they would have kept their negativity level at a minimum this week. Overall, I think the displeasure of these Ohio folks were a bit over the top, but what can you expect when you're Kentucky.  We know we are hated, but we also know that we are probably the best fanbase.  We literally dictate the market when it comes to college sports.  And you will always have haters when you're on top. Coach Cal went out to Jeff Ruby's in downtown Cincinnati last night and had a great time.  According to my source for the pictures below, he was beyond generous with his time, posing for pictures and talking to everyone in sight, as he normally does.  It seems everyone had a good time, and we heard the Big Blue cheers were the loudest chants at the Reds' game, so we can all walk away from this happy.  Here's Mike from Sidebar enjoying last night with his friends...  

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