Will Garrett Stutz Get an Offer?

Will Garrett Stutz Get an Offer?

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
picture On this Election Day (and I hope you are all voting), we all give thanks to live in a country where we can freely vote for our representatives in power and complain about the fact that UK needs a big man. For the past few years, every Kentucky fan has bemoaned the fact that seemingly every big man who has looked at Kentucky, not named Patrick Patterson, has decided to go elsewhere to begin his college career. But now the next two weeks provide the potential to reverse that trend. We all know by this point that Chris Singleton will be making a decision by November 14th and UK is right there in his final two, with no one sure as to where he will end up. But a rather underreported story is what may happen in the next day or two....mainly the answer to the question of whether Garrett Stutz will get an offer to play for the Big Blue. Stutz is a legit 6'10 or higher (heights on big men are tough to verify) post player who does have some skills. He can face the basket and shoot, is a decent passer and has developed some low post moves. Thus many of his supporters say that he has all the tools necessary to become a good college big men. But then there are others (I am closer to this camp), who see a somewhat awkward big guy, with slow footwork and a lack of defensive ability that will likely struggle to compete and start on the high Division I level. While many people whose opinion I respect rave about his potential, I look at the fact that the recruiting analysts who I most respect tend to agree with my assessment and that his two major offers right now are Wichita State and SMU. Could Stutz turn into a player? Most definitely. Could Billy Clyde know more about big men than me? Most certainly. But is Stutz the right player for UK at this time......ahhh I dont know. And it may be the case that the UK staff does not know either. The UK staff has continued to put off the ultimate offer of a scholarship to Stutz and as of now, it is unclear whether he will be offered a scholarship by the Cats. But word is that this decision will be made this week.....and that Stutz plans on making his school choice soon after.....maybe as soon as early next week. Thus we have hit D-Day for the Stutz recruitment. I have always thought UK sees Stutz as a backup plan, especially one that would be best in the Spring after other options have fallen through. But Garrett seems committed to deciding soon....and that makes his UK future less likely. However big men are falling left and right and if Singleton goes to F$U, then there just may be no one else out there to grab. So will Kentucky hedge their bets and offer Stutz? Is it 100% certain that Stutz would accept the offer if given? Or will Stutz decide to go ahead and pull the trigger for another school and leave UK with even fewer options? Only the UK staff and then Stutz knows what will happen in the next few days....but it bears watching for sure.

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