Will Virginia Tech wait the full 30 days?

Drew Franklinover 9 years


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This photo has nothing to do with anything but someone should find them tickets. It's another beautiful summer day; the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and Montrezl Harrell still doesn't have his release from Virginia Tech. What's the holdup, you ask? Virginia Tech. It's all Virginia Tech's fault. The Hokies are utilizing a 30-day wait period -- which they're entitled to do, unfortunately -- before granting Harrell a release from his letter of intent. Virginia Tech Associate AD Tom Gabbard said it takes "a process" to grant the release.  That, my friends, is complete bull-feces. The kid made it clear he wants out now that Seth Greenberg is gone and all he needs is the paperwork signed and he'll be on his way. That doesn't take 30 days. It doesn't even take 15 days. It could be the case that Virginia Tech is drawing it out, hoping Harrell will change is mind. Or it could be that whoever is a part of this "process" is just being a real a pain to be a real pain. Either way, there is no reason for this to go the whole 30 days. Time is ticking on the recruiting clock and no one is allowed to contact Harrell until he is freed from Blacksburg. #FreeHarrell ...so Kentucky can recruit him.   On a related note, read Robl Dausterl's post on why Harrell shouldn't have signed an LOI. It's something every young talented basketball player should read before heading to college.

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