Willie Warren interview....

Willie Warren interview....

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Willie Warren


Willie Warren fouled out with 24 points in a game against the Memphis YOMCA team comprised of mostly 2009 players.  Texas has been without thier full compliment of players for a few weekends now and it's really making Willie Warren and Rotnei Clarke do a lot more of the work.  Rotnei Clarke had 30 points in an overtime win as the Texas Elite team pulled out the win.

I spoke to Willie after the game and here is a PARAPHRASED inteview with him....


MM:  What is your school list

WW:   My mom and I have decided that we are going to listen to everyone and I am wide open right now.  Especially with my move to Oak Hill, it's going to allow me to see what college coaches are really interested  and get a better viewing of who is really wants me that bad....


MM: So which schools really seem to be recruiting you the hardest right now?


WW:  It's hard to tell cause there are many schools that are coming just as hard, but if I HAD to say, it would probably be Oklahoma, Marquette, Uconn, Texas and Kentucky.

MM:  Is there any particular style of play you are looking for?


WW:  (quick answer with empahsis) Run and gun...let the guards play.


Jeff Drummond:  Willie, what can you tell us about your recruitment by Kentucky and your relationship with Billy Gillispie?


WW:  Well, he came from Texas A&M, so he got to see me a lot and came to my high school games, so my relationship is probably better with him because he has a better idea of what kind of player I am in different situations...when I was playing bad, not shooting well, and when I was playing well.


Jody Demling:  Willie, tell us about your move to Oak Hill and what you expect to get out of that situation.


WW:  Well, I just want to just be better prepared and take it to the next level and the NBA....looking at their guard situation with Stephen Jackson, Carmelo Anthony, Marcus Williams....I just feel they can really help prepare me to go to the league.


MM:  A lot of people talk about you and Rotnei Clarke being such good friends and wanting to play together in college....how big of a factor is that in your recruitment?


WW:  It's a huge factor.  I'd love to go in to college not being the only new face and to go in with someone who knows how to set me up and I know how to set them up.


MM:  What schools are currently recruiting both of you?


WW:  Oklahoma and Kansas are the only two I know of right now.


Jeff Drummond:  Do you have any plans to try to visit Kentucy any time soon?


WW:  Yeah, I'm supposed to make their Midnight Madness on October 13th, but that was before I went to Oak Hill, so I just have to make sure that is still good with Oak Hill's schedule.  As of right now, that's probably where I am going on October 13th.


Jeff Drummond:  What else about Kentucky intrests you


WW:  What I know about Coach Gillispie is that he really gets on you and makes you do your best....he's no joke.    I need a coach like that who never lets you be lazy and never lets you think you are as good as you can be.  I want a coach to stay on me and treat me like the 6th man or 7th man, so I want to get better.


Jeff Drummond:  Is there anything else you know about the program?


WW:  (big smile)  They like to win.....


Marc Maggard

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