Woo Radio ---- Beas Hamga Update, Coury Flurry and New Poll

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Here are the two hours of Woo and Sheray Thomas on the Sports Mob.....lots of gems....enjoy. Plus a NEW POLL FOR ALL Hour 1 of Woo Radio Hour 2 of Woo Radio (and Tomlin on baseball) As Marc Maggard first reported here, Beas Hamga is attempting to be part of the 07 class. Today multiple sources confirmed this news again and Hamga's coach told Rivals.com that UK seems to be in the lead for his services. We should have Beas later in the week on the show and we will learn more. He is visiting UNLV this weekend (as Marc said....maybe even a trip to the De La Hoya fight) and UK next week. Remember when it was Lucas-Patterson.....how do you like Legion-Hamga? I have to tell you....I found it hilarious that Jerry Tipton today floated the idea of Rod Rhodes as an assistant. I make no statement on whether he would be a good one.....actually I think he might be.....but Tipton's continued insistence on floating former UK players as coaches (like Kyle Macy) makes me laugh. That is what I have the poll on the right.....it is only a matter of time before we see an article about all the good that Gimel Martinez would bring to the job. More tomorrow.....for now, enjoy Woo and Sheray....and the picture of the great Coury Flurry....and maybe the greatest block in history....

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