Workin' Towards College Football Pick Em Week 3

Workin' Towards College Football Pick Em Week 3

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
osulsu.jpg Well Week 2 of the College Football Pick Em was kind of boring. The games werent that strong, the finishes not that great (unless you are a BYU fan) and the memories not that long lasting. But that doesnt mean there werent great performances. A full four members of the KSR Pick Em league got a perfect score of 55 points in last week's contests. Those four teams obviously spent little time on picking creative names, and rather just picked winners. They are: Team Deaton: M Deaton Team Bradley: N. Bradley Team Smith: R. Smith Team Beano: S. Green On the other end of the spectrum, one man picked so bad that he finished a full 16 points behind the person in next to last place. That man was the embarrassing J. Kepp whose "Team Kepp" only received 19 points....a score that put shame on his home. J. hurt me as a UK fan. The total leaders right now are J. "Gomer" Pile, whose team "Show Me Your TDs" is not only strong by name, but by pick as well as he leads the way. M. Deaton took his overall perfect score to the house to be one point back in second. I am currently in 102 out of the 737 teams.....not bad, but I need to move up. If you arent playing, click on the link below and play. The password is "Stevie Got Loose" and the league is Kentucky Sports Radio. IF you are playing, get your picks in....its time! KSR College Pick EM

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