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Without overlooking the huge matchup in Madison Square Garden -- bitter Memphis fans surely haven't -- I am mondo excited for Saturday. Our beloved Wildcats will be heading to Bloomington, Indiana. (Or as those wacky kids call it, B-Town. Wacky!) Growing up on the south side of the Ohio River (and much further west of Louisville), I feasted on a delicious fatty diet of Hoosier Hatred. A Saturday in December would determine how many crimson and cream jackets and flags you would see floating around your county.

The last time Kentucky entered Assembly Hall, Indiana whooped the Wildcats 70-51. The always-classy IU fans began chanting "Jordan's Better" (as IU's Jordan Crawford helped lead the Hoosiers over UK and bigger-brother Joe). This year, IU fans have already exceeded classy expectations by chanting a pejorative noun that sounds like "wussy" but starts with a P at Maryland Guard Greivis Vasquez. IU Head Coach Tom Crean was very impressed:

More IULOLs will be coming after Wednesday. In fact, I'll be having a Twitter contest, allowing you the reader to chime in with your favorite IULOL moments. In the meantime, be sure to review Patrick Barker's awesome IU write-up from the Blogger contest.

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