Wynyard ready for next season

Wynyard ready for next season

Ricki Barkerover 5 years


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Wynyard_Tai_2015_09 Tai Wynyard, remember him? The New Zealand "lumberjack" who joined the team last year only to find a nice comfortable spot on the bench. Despite his welcome arrival and the hope the freshman power forward would be the answer to the Wildcat's lack of inside physical play - Wynyard did not play a single minute last season. Couple that with incoming standout signees Bam Adebayo, Wenyen Gabriel, and (possibly) Marques Bolden. Not to mention, the return of Marcus Lee and many feel Wynyard will again find himself back on the bench. Some have even suggested the Auckland start might be looking for another place to call home in order to get more playing time, however, Wynyard dismisses the rumors and told Larry Vaught he was ready for next year.
"There is an upside to it. I get a jump on everybody in the 2016 class and I have learned a lot already from the coaches about how to play," the UK freshman said.
Wynyard also talked about the UK basketball fan base and his love of Lexington.
"People are crazy in different ways. Just the fans are all crazy," he said. "People back home can't understand that. They just think it is a normal basketball game where we are normal. It is like a professional team here. But I love living in Lexington. It is a bit different obviously (from New Zealand), but in a good way."
Apparently we do things different in Lexington when there's a big win...
"I have heard they burn couches and stuff if they win. We don't do that back home for sure," Wynyard laughed. While the whispers of a Wynyard transfer may not be true, I guess not everything you hear is false. Like UK tournament win couch-burning rituals.

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