Yeah, I got a Tennessee beef, too...

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I understand today is Tennessee Hate Day on KSR. I was all rip-roaring to go...but then I realized you were talking about the University of Tennessee, not the whole state. I've really got no qualm with the school, save for that garish orange. Now the state? Yeah, we've got longstanding beef. Well, not really...but there was this one time I went to Tennessee. It's the last time I stopped my car in Tennessee for anything but gas and sleep on a cross-country trip. In fact, I probably already told this story on this site. Either way, I drove my happy behind from Atlanta to Nashville to see a woman who informed me, once I got there, that she was going out to see some strippers. That was merely the beginning of a miserable weekend, and I've wanted to trade Tennessee to the British for whatever island they don't need yet still run. I think it would make America a better place, even though i really needed this back in 1999. So yeah, I'm not a friend of Tennessee. Don't even like the Arrested Development song that much, nor am I very familiar with the playwright. I just know that one weekend, and I don't need to know anything else about Tennessee. We're in this together and, in a rare occurrence, I may be the most irrational person of all on this site about this topic.

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