You Mad, Bro? Harrison Twins Edition

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Here at Kentucky Sports Radio, we specialize in 2 things: Loving Kentucky sports, and making fun of people who have made the unfortunate life choice of not loving Kentucky sports. When Andrew and Aaron Harrison solidified themselves as lottery picks in the 2014 NBA Draft on Thursday, not only was it a cause for celebration for the Big Blue Nation, but it put the rest of the nation on Defcon 5 “Troll Alert”. See, for those who hate the University of Kentucky and it’s continued success (on the basketball court at least), the only thing that wets their willies more than talking about their respective teams, is throwing dirt on any accomplishment Kentucky achieves. To the rest of the collegiate world, Kentucky is Darth Vader, or Shooter McGavin with 8 gold jackets. 

In our never-ending quest to prove just how salty the rest of the nation is about Kentucky’s success, I took to the internet to find the most bitter fans the internet could offer, and let me tell you, it looks like the bitterness has reached a post-tequila shot level. I wonder what Indiana fans have to say about it?

wiklecr said:

3 players on KY roster from KY. 10 players on Indiana’s roster from Indiana. The best athletes money can buy vs local homegrown talent. The only thing Kentucky about their team is the name.

Good job on those facts wiklecr, you are in fact, correct. However, there is more to Kentucky than just our name. In fact, last year’s team continued Kentucky’s long-standing tradition at being better than Indiana. Sure, you built a trophy case to commemorate your regular-season victory over the ‘Cats, but Kentucky did you one better by throttling the Hoosiers on the road to adding another trophy to their trophy case that actually matters. 

Porsche911Terp said:

All you can do now is hope Cal gets caught dropping the $$ and gets his due and they suffer a ban on their freshman season.  Should have gone with the guy who has been pushing for them for 6 years

With this kind of support for the continuation of their careers, it’s amazing that the Harrison twins aren’t on their way to College Park, MD.

Crissfan172 said:

Hard to compete with that kind of money.

$65,000,000 in NBA salaries this season is a very nice post-scholastic prize for former Kentucky basketball players, how’s Juan Dixon doing? You’re gonna need international minutes on your cell phone plan to find out.


The “Saltiest Of Them All” Award shockingly goes to a Syracuse fan named “Jonvi” over on the CBS Sports message boards however, check out some of his most butthurt posts of the week:

I need to remind all my UK brothers….These chumps are from Texas. They are playing in a d league. Wait till they go up against a guard from Philly, Memphis, NJ, Chicago. Wait until they hit a real front line. They had no business crossing the Mississippi.  They will have their lunch money stolen and their girl won’t get back on the bus to go home. Staying wid men….that’s what we doin…uh hmmmmm.  Snap!

UK will need combat medics and a team of psychologists to put em back together.  And that’s just the ride from the hotel to the game.  They’ll get mugged again on the court.

They don’t teach that in Texas.

And there’s this classic:

So UK gets the tweens and now are the number one team in the nation 2013/2014 season.


hhaha….Cal fell for a suckers bet.

Wait till them punks goes up against some east coast guns.  They will be at uk 3 years.

That’s just too easy, have fun going to 4 Final Fours every 40 years, call Indiana if you need help building some imaginary trophy cases. Unfortunately Carmelo Anthony has used up his eligibility, so the ‘Cuse’s championship hopes look dim for the rest of existence.


But it just wouldn’t be right of me to only show the dark side of the internet though, so this is why I have instituted Maryland fan “Midgetman15” as Big Blue Nation’s “Friend of the Program” for the time being, way to take this inevitable defeat like a champ:

hey KY fans dont let haters put you guys a MD fan I would love to had have the TWINS come to MD but they wanted KY more. at MD Turge is turning this program around slowly but surely and having the TWINS would have been nice but you know what at end of day KY is were they wanted to be..and I figure sooner or later law of averages will allow another top recruit to pick MD over KY and all other programs you good luck to you guys and see you at Barclays in New Jersey…A dissapointed but true MD fan….


— @WillTottenKSR


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