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Our man Demarcus Cousins is getting somewhat of a bad rap in his first season in the NBA.  There's the attitude issues, his early exit from a practice, and his shaky relationship with Kings coach Paul Westphal.  But through all the negative Cousins talk, I refuse to believe he is the head case that many people in the national media make him out to be.  He's Boogie Cousins - a KSR legend and my favorite player in the NBA - and everyone else can shut up about him.  Everyone, but Sam Amick. The NBA writer at Fanhouse wrote a great piece on Cousins and his off the court personality.  It's based around Cousins' relationship with Andrew Rogers, his assistant/roommate who knows the real Demarcus Cousins better than anyone.  Rogers was a team manager at UK for three years before following the big man out to Sacramento.  Now his day-to-day duties include clowning around with Big Cuz.  (Not a bad gig.) The real gem of the article is Cousins' fascination with Taylor Swift, which he denies.  Demarcus claims he can't name any of the young country singer's songs, but Rogers says otherwise.  It's okay, Boogie.  You don't have to deny it. Check it out and Go Kings. I guess I might as well go ahead and post this too...

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