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7:00 PM.  ESPN. Poythress, Goodwin, Noel, and Bennett. Tune in to watch 3 (hopefully 4) future Cats hit the hardwood in an all-star game that is high school players around the country are always excited to compete in.  The 'Jordan' brand is the most pervasive brand in basketball thanks to MJ's illustrious career that continues to live as legendary in the mind of all young players.  The chance to play for him and his brand is an opportunity elite-level kids really dig. They also probably love the game because you get this really cool swag (via @AlanStein) Watch to see if Noel dominates for the East team.  And look out for the loaded West team with Goodwin, Poythress, and Bennett.  It should be an exciting event.  This is our first time to see Noel participate in a big-time all-star game due to his reclassification throwing a wrench in things. Fabolous is the special guest music star.  In other news, 2001 was a good year.  Holla back young'n, amirite? Another interesting tidbit is the recruiting circumstances surrounding Anthony Bennett tonight.  We've heard rumors he's a UK lean, as well as talking heads shooting down that nugget and saying UK is gaining but that Florida is the team to beat.  Well, it looks like the team to beat will be in Charlotte to pay Anthony a visit tonight: Will Calipari be in North Carolina tonight?  Time will tell, but my tweet-stalking tells me he is currently at home in Lexington.  I could easily be wrong, however. So get to your TV and flip on ESPN.  Comment on the game in this thread and enjoy as you watch another loaded Wildcat recruiting class square off against their peers. EDIT: Anthony Davis is in the building! It's a beautiful thing.

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