Your token football story

Thomas Beisneralmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
It' hits us all pretty hard every year around this time and this year it's no different.  Even despite a pretty anticlimatic season, the football withdrawals are really hitting me hard right now.   I miss not having a team to prepare for and I miss not knowing that I'm excused from responsibility every Saturday afternoon to drink a few beers and watch football.  Basically, I'm just hurting right now. If you're suffering from this same sadness, then this token football story is for you.  Blount Today, both the community paper for Alcoa, Tenn. and the battle cry for Louisville, has a nice piece about the surprising season of freshman QB/WR/KR Randall Cobb It's pretty much your run-of-the-mill puff piece about the hometown boy, but there is an interesting tidbit from Coach Brooks where he says "He's a stud.  I wish we had some help for him". Coach, stop stealing Mike Hartline's material!

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