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Inside how Buckeyes Brotherhood goes well beyond locker room

Spencer Holbrook06/01/22
The Tim May Podcast.

COLUMBUS — Another week of the offseason is here for Ohio State.

As the Buckeyes make their way through the quiet part of summer workouts, the Tim May Podcast is back for another episode with yet another historical guest to break down part of the past of the football program.

Tim May is joined this week by Tom Levenick, a former Ohio State offensive lineman under Woody Hayes and Earle Bruce who won a Gator Bowl, a Fiesta Bowl and a Rose Bowl with the Buckeyes, to discuss some big parts of Buckeyes football history. Tom spent his time at Ohio State playing football and earning a journalism degree. He is the author of “Buckeyes for Life : Insider views of the most elite program in college athletics,” a book that takes a closer look at the Big Ten’s best football program and the bond that is formed by Ohio State football players.

He is also gearing up to write more books about the Buckeyes football program.

How did Ohio State football maintain its spot at the top of the sport is a major time of change? How is the brotherhood formed inside the Buckeyes locker room? Is that bond still there today with current players and former players? And just how good was Ohio State under Woody Hayes, back when Tom played for the legendary coach? Dan and Tom talk about what a huge piece of Ohio State history — with an interesting, first-hand perspective.

You will not want to miss that and plenty more news and analysis and in another edition of the Tim May Podcast.

Check it out in the link below and find more episodes – and all Lettermen Row video content – on our YouTube channel.