Dante Moore: "When I hit the portal I kind of knew where I was going already"

On3 imageby:Justin Hopkins04/11/24

On Thursday media met with quarterback transfer Dante Moore for the first time. Of course there were a lot of questions about his decision to transfer to Oregon and what went into the decision making process.

There were follow ups about how Spring has gone for Moore and the offense.

You can read some of his top quotes or watch the entire video at the bottom.

On Decision to Transfer:

“Overall I’m just blessed to be here. Especially being around the guys in the locker room. At the end of the day all you can do is just to learn. I know coach Kelly is gone now. I just needed a fresh start. I didn’t know much of coach Stein, but I’m glad to be back in Eugene.”

On Coach Stein:

“We first met each other, he gave me the vibe of relaxed. But he’s a real family person. He’s a really smart guy, knows how to call plays. I love him, I’m glad to be under him.”

On Dillon Gabriel:

“DG has been in college football for quite some time. When I first got here no cold shoulder. I’m just trying to see ways I can learn. Having Dillon to ask questions is a blessing to have.”

On Impressions of Oregon:

“Having playmakers around you. Just understanding how concepts work. I feel like here everyone is locked in and working on football.”

On Oregon Decision:

“When I hit the portal I kind of knew where I was going already. If things were right I would have been here already. Me seeing Jurrion (Dickey) and those guys I helped recruit in that ’23 class is a blessing.”

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