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Evan Stewart on Transferring to Oregon: 'I just wanted to be in a great program'

Max Torres Author Profileby:Max Torres04/25/24


Oregon Ducks Prepare for MAJOR Recruiting Weekend with Several 5-Stars on Campus | Inside Scoop

Thursday was a fun day of media availability here in Eugene. Reporters like myself got our first chance to meet new Oregon wide receiver Evan Stewart, a former five-star recruit that transferred in from Texas A&M for the 2024 season.

He’s one of the biggest names at his position for coach Junior Adams and he’s excited to be a part of a complete team that’s oozing with talent at nearly every position.

Below you’ll find some of Stewart’s top quotes from Thursday morning with video attached as well.

On why he chose Oregon:

“Honestly it suited everything that I was looking for. I just wanted to be in a great program that had a lot of order and construction (structure). I got here and everything’s in order and honestly everything is just so much better here. I love it here honestly. I’m glad with my decision.”

On how much it helped that he looked at Oregon coming out of high school:

“Coming out of high school I just didn’t find myself moving that far away from home. I wanted to be close to my pops and my Mom was in Memphis at the time. So it was like me moving across the world, or across the country at least, it just wasn’t really clicking in my head. But after being at A&M and being close to home and stuff and seeing my parents and all my family and stuff, it was more like in order to grow you gotta take it a little bit out of the box, so that’s what I did.”

On the growth he’s looking for at Oregon:

“That ball man. I’m trying to get them passes man. At A&M we were moving the ball but we weren’t as complete as we could be and we definitely thought we were gonna be better. And that’s no taken to anybody, but I mean it’s just how it turned out. Coming here, we definitely got a lot.”

On getting in sync with QB Dillon Gabriel:

“DG’s nice. He’s very direct. He’s very smart with the ball and he definitely knows what he wants and he’s a leader. Other than that, all the quarterbacks have showed me great potential. I’m glad to have a quarterback. In high school I had a middle linebacker throwing to me and when I got to A&M it was like five different quarterbacks rotating. So being here, all of ’em are pretty good.”

On the competition in the wide receiver room:

“I came from a pretty loaded receiver room. Being here, it’s kind of nice seeing all the receivers, especially like Tez and Traeshon. First of all Traeshon’s a massive human. He’s really that big role wide receiver type thing. Tez, he moves a lot, quick. Seeing the combination of what I could be putting all that together is pretty crazy.”

On what he’s looking forward to at Saturday’s spring game:

“Just a good time. I’m just trying to embrace the environment, embrace the fans, embrace the team and just enjoy Eugene.”

On how comfortable he feels with the playbook:

“I feel pretty good. At A&M it took me a little bit just ’cause I was a freshman getting into it. But I think because of that, coming here it made it easier for the transition. I would say, probably like the second week I was here I was pretty comfortable with the playbook. It was really just the signals, getting the signals down and stuff.”

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