Power 5 programs with the most transfers out in 2022-2023

On3 imageby:Griffin McVeigh05/03/23


The NCAA transfer portal is officially closed for the next seven months. Players had the opportunity to jump in and find new programs to play for during the 2023 college football season. December and April were the two open windows but now, rosters are mostly locked up as teams transition from spring practice into summer workouts.

Everyone loves to talk about the portal additions but exports can shape a program just as much. There was plenty of movement inside the Power Five. Some stem from having first-year head coaches looking to bring their own flair, while some experienced schools are seeing a lot of turnover.

Ten, in particular, stand out when discussing transfer portal exits. There should be no surprise who takes the No. 1 overall spot as they have been the story of the cycle.

  1. Colorado – 56
  2. Ole Miss – 33
  3. Texas A&M/Oregon – 31
  4. Arizona State – 30
  5. Arkansas – 29
  6. Florida – 26
  7. Louisville/Cal/Nebraska – 25
  8. Arizona – 24
  9. Miami/Florida State/Mississippi St/Cincinnati/Washington St – 23
  10. Maryland/Missouri/Houston/Purdue – 22

Two conferences are tied with the most programs appearing on this list. Both the SEC and Pac-12 are represented by six teams, although those on the west coast have seen a greater total number of players depart.

Deion Sanders honest with NCAA transfer portal usage at Colorado

Lane Kiffin may call himself the portal king but nobody has been more active than Deion Sanders this cycle. An astonishing number of 56 players have left Colorado since the portal opened in December. But it’s not like Sanders has not been open about the process.

From the moment he stepped foot in Boulder, Sanders claimed he would be bringing in his own Louis Vuitton bags. In order to get those shipped in, a mass exodus was going to have to occur from a historically bad 1-11 team.

“There’s no way that I could put new furniture in this beautiful home if we don’t clean out the old furniture,” Sanders said following the spring game. “And that’s not a shot. It’s great furniture, a lot of people would love it, and a lot of people are gonna love it, but that’s not what we want. That’s not what we desire.”

On3’s J.D. PicKell believes nothing is personal from Coach Prime. He is just having to make a “business decision” on the roster due to last season’s struggles. Being blunt and honest about the process is just how Sanders is deciding to operate.

“Originally, I thought Deion Sanders was gonna come in and redo some things in the house,” PicKell said. “No, Deion Sanders just took a wrecking ball to the entire operation and said 1-11? That ain’t my house; rebuild this thing.

“So here’s my guess on what’s happening right now at Colorado. From the outside looking in, I believe everybody involved here is making a business decision. I think he (Sanders) is making a decision that’s best for his football team and saying we were 1-11 last year.

“The personnel that made that happen is, quite frankly, not good enough for my standards, for our standards, for what we want to get done. So I believe a lot of these guys, not all, are being told they no longer have a spot at Colorado; to put it bluntly, I believe a lot of these guys are being cut. It’s just a business decision here for Coach Prime.”