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  • new board is great; is there any way my temporary avatar could be garnet or black instead of uringe? thank you - go cocks!
    Brian, sorry I didn't see your new post of our new member usernames and my new name is listed (DannyGUSC). And I assume you have my join date of 2001. I didn't see an updated Garnet Trust list but since I joined after your GT newest post, I assume you have it now and will send out a new list soon. Thanks for all you do.
    Danny Graham (Conway)
    Member since 2001
    Hey Brian, I joined Garnet Trust this past Tuesday and I could send a receipt if needed. So, please add me to the list. Also, if you could change my status from new member to member since 2001 that would be great. Thanks.
    Danny Graham
    Hey, Brian. Tried to use the link from the thread on the insider's forum, and couldn't get your name to come up on the recipient section, so I'm posting here. I'd like my info from the old site added to my user name in the new. My old handle was huntleyduryea. My current handle is HuntleyDuryea. Thanks.
    Hi Brian, I'm not sure why you cut off requests to update my membership info. I sent it some time ago but here is my info.
    Old name: dannygsc
    New name: DannyGUSC (member since Feb. 6 2001)
    We all appreciate the hard work you do and all the effort it takes to change to a new website and update member info. Many thanks!
    yes sir, enjoy the site...but was wondering if there is anything to make the messages bigger & easier to read.
    Good Morning Shoe!
    I was Coolcock but changed to Yardbird. It says I have insufficient privileges to post. Can you check for me?
    Thanks and Go Gamecocks!
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