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  • Bill, I got permanently banned at the new location. Could you ask 51 why. Might have been a simple woke robot thing. Thanks.
    I may be a bit late, but I think Gary's OT. forum has bit the dust of the left wing P.C. woke crowd. (I.M.H.O. ,Mc Kinney is a traitor to G.P.)
    Where will the true USC patriots now call home? Thers is Gettr and other places that are on line but I am wondering if there is any other site that would be akin to the O.T.?
    In this day and age this is probably another tall order for the conservative patriots of the world.
    Yeah Bill, this place is going woke, more than before. I think most of the old gang will get banned.
    The Reddit site is not a good platform for USC OT in my opinion. Threads just get stacked up one on top of the other. I don't see me visiting on the Reddit site for very long.August West has forum format we should move there.Couldn't message you from your message with the other name Cheers, Phil
    Hi TroyBill I'm interested in the Oregon tickets you have. Can you message me or call if they are available. My. Name is Jim and my #is (951)553-6485.thanks!
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