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Feb 15, 2015
Discussion Thread - https://www.on3.com/boards/threads/the-bulldog-initiatives-website-released.695571/

I am happy to report that The Bulldog Initiative's website is now up and running at www.bulldoginitiative.com. I hope you like it, but we will be twisting and tweaking as we move forward, so feel free to shoot any constructive criticism my way at [email protected].

As you will see, we have options for monthly, quarterly, and annual giving, but if you are trying to participate and don't see an option you like (or if you have a business that wants to get involved), shoot me an email, and we will help with other options. Also, please let me know if you encounter any issues - there will be glitch somewhere along the way that may be a little frustrating - but I promise we will jump right on it.

This project is doing good - some that we have talked about and some that we haven't yet. I am excited to see, though, how much further it will go now that we are taking things up a notch with this effort.

Thanks to everyone who has and will support, but I understand it's not for everybody. Please just let me know if I can answer questions or help.

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