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Greg McElroy gives Kalen DeBoer a 75% chance to win a national championship at Alabama

On3 imageby:Sam Gillenwater05/19/24


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Alabama is synonymous with championships in college football. That statement applies whether in past eras or because of this most recent one under Nick Saban. Now, that could continue into the next one considering how Greg McElroy feels about the hire of Kalen DeBoer.

McElroy gave the likelihoods of several coaches, including DeBoer, winning national titles at their schools during a recent episode of ‘Always College Football’. For DeBoer, he gave three-out-of-four odds that he would bring back at least the 19th championship in program history at some point of his tenure with the Crimson Tide.

“He now takes over at a place that has 18 national championships claimed,” said McElroy.

“I’m putting the percentage chance that he’ll win a natty at Alabama at 75%,” McElroy stated.

DeBoer’s resumé is enough to make McElroy feel that way. With what he has accomplished as a coordinator and head coach, it’s natural to think that he could continue to excel now that he’s at a top-tier program in Tuscaloosa.

“I believe Kalen DeBoer will win a national championship at Alabama. I don’t think it’s going to take very long. This guy, in his career, has only two losses against ranked opponents. Two – one was against Michigan and the other was when he was at Fresno State,” noted McElroy. “He was undefeated at Washington against ranked opponents up until his final game as the Washington head coach. He can do more with less and he has proven that at both Fresno, at Washington. Then previously when he was the coordinator at Indiana and some of his previous stops.”

“The guy has won national championships before. Granted it was at the NAIA level but he knows, a little bit better than most, about what it’s going to take to compete in a three or four-game playoff to ultimately win a national championship,” McElroy noted.

That could happen as soon as this upcoming season according to McElroy. With his upcoming roster for his debut season at ‘Bama, he believes DeBoer could very well claim the first playoff under the new format for Alabama.

“He immediately steps into a roster that is deeper and probably a little bit more complete than the roster that he had at Washington,” said McElroy. “Now, I don’t think he has the weapons that he had at Washington. But I do think his personnel on the defensive side is drastically better at multiple spots.”

Regardless of if he actually can do it, the expectation is still going to be nothing less than titles at Alabama. However, whether now or in the future, McElory trusts that DeBoer will win at least one in T-Town.

“I think it’s highly likely,” said McElroy. “With the keys to the castle that he just inherited? I think he’s going to get it done – probably sooner than later.”