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Jack Plummer reveals how Louisville helped players manage NIL deals

On3 imageby:Dan Morrison07/03/23


New Louisville quarterback Jack Plummer has dealt with a lot of college football’s recent changes, having transferred multiple times while also being able to benefit from NIL deals thanks to changes in the landscape.

During an appearance on The Deener Show, Plummer explained how Louisville has helped players to manage their NIL deals.

“I mean, you’d be surprised,” Jack Plummer said. “Some guys were like, ‘Oh, shoot. We’ve got to pay taxes,’ but they actually did a good job of bringing people in, speaking to the whole team about the NIL stuff, and then different people talking about how to manage your money.”

Louisville has a NIL collective called “502 Circle.” Its primary focus is on the football team and has the goal of helping student-athletes to maximize their NIL. The school itself is providing financial advisors and talks for the players to make sure they’re aware of how to approach their money.

“Another different one was how to pay your taxes. Stuff like that. You’ll probably get a 1099 with how us as players make money and so, how to file all that stuff, and being conscious of, ‘Hey, if you get x amount of dollars, you’ve got to save half that and that’s got to go to Uncle Sam,'” Plummer said.

“It’s been good. They’ve done a good job I think here at the university. Teaching us up.”

Jack Plummer originally played for new Louisville head coach Jeff Brohm at Purdue. He transferred to California before reuniting with his former head coach at Louisville.

Jack Plummer on what Louisville receivers he’s clicking with

One downside to adding a transfer quarterback is that they don’t have chemistry with a team’s wide receivers. So, transfers need to figure out who they work well with quickly. For Jack Plummer, there are several players who he’s already clicking with.

“I think Jamari Thrash, the transfer from Georgia State, I think he’s special. He went for over 1,000 yards last year and he really knows how to get open. He can take the top off the defense too, has a full package of routes he can run. And then Jimmy Calloway from Tennessee, I think he’s just naturally a really good athlete. He can move around very well, catches the ball, he actually played quarterback in high school so I think he’s got a good understanding,” Plummer said.

“And then some of the guys coming back like Ahmari [Huggins-Bruce]. Just watching him run, if you just get him running he’s real fast. Chris Bell, I’m excited for him, get him going. And then Kevin Coleman I think will play a good role for us too.”