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Joey Halzle reveals Tennessee's offensive standard of excellence in 2023 season

PeterWarrenPhoto2by:Peter Warren05/08/23


Tennessee offensive coordinator Joey Halzle believes the Volunteers offense can be the best offense in the country. In fact, he believes they should be.

Halzle appeared on Vol Club Confidential to discuss what the standard for Tennessee’s offense is not just for the 2023 season but every season.

“The standard for this offense is to be the best offense in the country,” Halzle said. “That’s not a graphic tagline. That’s how we feel. How we do. What we do. The guys that we have, we feel that we should go out and execute and be the best offense in the country.”

The 2022 Volunteers offense led Division I FBS college football in scoring at 46.1 points per game. The team also led the country in total yards per game at 525.5.

It was a prolific statistical profile. But that’s not what Halzle said proves that one offense is the best in the country.

“Is it a stats thing? Not really,” Halzle said. “That means every single ball game, we should be in position to go get plus one on whoever we’re playing. Period, end of discussion. That’s how we feel. Doesn’t matter. If it takes seven points? Awesome. If it takes 50? Awesome. Whatever is the task at hand that given Saturday, we should be able to go out and accomplish. That’s how we feel. That’s how we step into the into the stadium every single time we take the field.”

Joey Halzle explains what makes Josh Heupel’s offense so special

Joey Halzle took over as the Tennessee offensive coordinator in the offseason as Alex Golesh left to take over the head coaching role at USF. But he has been a part of Josh Heupel’s offense for years.

The relationship between the two stretches back to Halzle’s days as a backup quarterback at Oklahoma when Heupel, himself a one-time Sooners quarterback, was his position coach. Halzle then was a graduate assistant with the Sooners with Hueple. He then joined Heupel at Missouri and UCF before joining Heupel in Knoxville.

He knows the offense as well as anyone. So he also knows what makes it work.

“And that is kind of the insider information that if you’re teaching somebody new it’s a big process and also you got to trust that that information isn’t going somewhere else here in the next year or two that someones looking for like a stepping stone,” Halzle said.