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Peyton Manning buzzing with excitement about Joe Milton’s potential

On3 imageby:Andrew Graham06/23/23


Joe Milton is one of several dozen quarterbacks on hand at the Manning Passing Academy at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, La. And the Tennessee signal caller was getting some high praise from a Volunteer legend and namesake of the camp: Peyton Manning.

Speaking to reporters at the Manning Passing Academy, Manning shared how impressive Milton has been. As the apparent Tennessee starting quarterback for 2023, Milton is poised for big things, Manning said.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know Joe. We text occasionally and pull hard for him and I’m really proud of him coming in last year after Hendon’s injury and keeping things together and a great bowl win. A bowl win can do so much for a quarterback’s confidence, especially in his first year, really, as a starter. So I can tell Joe’s confident and I’m excited about him having a great senior year,” Manning said.

Much of the excitement around Milton stems from his rocket right arm. Few, if any, quarterbacks in college football can match Milton throw-for-throw going for distance.

Manning said there hasn’t been as much anticipation and excitement to see guy throw in the Friday night throwing competition, where mainly the college counselors compete for distance. Normally, that starts at around the 30 yard line, giving plenty of open field for the quarterbacks to air it out.

But for Milton, they might have to move that marker back, Manning said.

“Oh man, we’ve had some great ones here. But I’m not sure there’s been more anticipation for this Friday night throwing tonight. We usually start the throwing on, I don’t know, maybe the 30 yard line, going toward the other end zone. You figure that you’ve got 80 yards thats safe, that you’re not going to run a kid into the goalpost. I’m not sure the 30’s safe with Joe. We might need to back him up on our own 10 and give him 100 yards to work with. But, big arms is great but I watch Joe practice, I know how much he studies. He’s an accurate quarterback and he’s a great kid as well,” Manning said.

Manning also shared an anecdote about Milton throwing with Marshall Manning, Peyton’s son and a camper at this year’s Academy.

“He was throwing yesterday with my son, Marshall, who’s attending the camp this year and I mean like 40 yards is like a little flick for him, just a warmup,” Manning said.

The Bengal Tiger’s Shea Dixon contributed to this article