Steve Sarkisian: Every aspect of Texas' passing game needs to improve

Griffin McVeigh09/18/23

The main issue with Quinn Ewers last season was inconsistency. So when the Texas quarterback looked incredible against Alabama, Steve Sarkisian was hoping for a similar type of performance the next week against Wyoming. Unfortunately, Ewers was not able to deliver, with the passing game having a rough day on Saturday.

Sarkisian admitted the passing game needs to be better during his Monday press conference. A few aspects play into the equation, including his play calling. There are “no excuses” as to why Texas should be struggling there though, especially with Ewers wanting to take a step forward this season.

“I just think every aspect of the passing game needs to improve,” Sarkisian said. “It felt like we weren’t as sharp. We had a protection breakdown in there. Didn’t have the best play calls predicated on what the coverages were. I think Quinn could have made a couple of throws that he normally would make. Everybody kind of took their turn and that’s not to make excuses. We all have to be better.

“You think passing game, you think play calling, you think quarterback. And most notably, both of us need to be better. But I think everybody else needs to be better as well. We all need to take responsibility of that.”

Ewers finished with just 131 pass yards while completing 11 of 21 throws. The two touchdowns are nice but Texas is looking for a more efficient outing, especially against an opponent such as Wyoming. Sure, a good team but not to the level of the roster the Longhorns have.

Steve Sarkisian knows Quinn Ewers has performed well in 2023

Sarkisian still knows the Alabama game happened. Ewers was magically in Tuscaloosa, putting up a stat line nobody at Texas has against a top-three team since Vince Young in the famous 2005 national championship game. People are going to remember Sept. 9, 2023, for a long, long time

So, they are not having a full freakout in Austin about the passing game quite yet.

“I’m not going to let one game knock me off my rocker on this one. We were really good throwing the ball for two weeks. Especially in Week 2. It wasn’t as clean as we wanted to. Lucky for us, we have a run we can lean out, a defense that we can count on. But we’ll get that fixed and go out and play much better in the pass game this week.”