2024 recruits that On3 is higher on than the industry standard

On3 imageby:Joe Tipton02/05/24


On3 updated its class of 2024 player rankings Monday.

There was some significant movement throughout the entirety of the list. As usual, there were some players who rose and others who fell.

Here are several prospects that On3 is higher on than the industry standard.

On3 Industry Comparison Rankings

5-star PF Donnie Freeman

Donnie Freeman
Size: 6-9 / 200
School: IMG Academy (FL)
Signed with Syracuse

On3 Ranking: No. 10
247Sports: No. 21
ESPN: No. 38
Rivals: No. 51

4-star PF Jackson McAndrew

Jackson McAndrew
Size: 6-9 / 190
School: Wayzata (MN)
Signed with Creighton

On3 Ranking: No. 23
247Sports: No. 36
ESPN: No. 55
Rivals: No. 35

4-star SG Mercy Miller

Mercy Miller
Size: 6-4 / 180
School: Notre Dame (CA)
Signed with Houston

On3 Ranking: No. 26
247Sports: No. 79
Rivals: No. 62

4-star C Thomas Sorber

Thomas Sorber
Size: 6-9 / 250
School: Archbishop Ryan (PA)
Signed with Georgetown

On3 Ranking: No. 29
247Sports: No. 42
ESPN: No. 54
Rivals: No. 54

4-star SF Jaiden Glover

Jaiden Glover
Size: 6-4 / 190
School: The Patrick School (NJ)
Signed with St. John’s

On3 Ranking: No. 36
247Sports: No. 56
ESPN: No. 69
Rivals: No. 61

4-star PF Chris Tadjo

Chris Tadjo
Size: 6-8 / 230
School: NBA Academy Latin America
Signed with Iowa

On3 Ranking: No. 38
247Sports: No. 149
Rivals: NR

4-star PF Robert Miller III

Robert Miller III
Size: 6-10 / 225
School: Pasadena Memorial (TX)
Signed with LSU

On3 Ranking: No. 45
247Sports: No. 65
ESPN: No. 82
Rivals: No. 69

4-star PF Kuol Atak

Kuol Atak
Size: 6-9 / 185
School: Haltom (TX)
Signed with Oklahoma

On3 Ranking: No. 47
247Sports: No. 120
Rivals: No. 127

4-star PF Sebastian Rancik

Sebastian Rancik
Size: 6-9 / 210
School: J Serra Catholic (CA)
Signed with Colorado

On3 Ranking: No. 51
247Sports: No. 137
Rivals: No. 93

4-star SF Matthew Hodge

Matthew Hodge
Size: 6-8 / 200
School: St. Rose (NJ)
Signed with Villanova

On3 Ranking: No. 53
247Sports: No. 67
Rivals: No. 95

4-star SF Andrew Crawford

Andrew Crawford
Size: 6-6 / 175
School: ThunderRidge (CO)
Signed with Colorado

On3 Ranking: No. 56
247Sports: No. 92
Rivals: No. 119

4-star SF Dallas Thomas

Dallas Thomas
Size: 6-8 / 175
School: Parkview Magnet (AR)
Signed with Clemson

On3 Ranking: No. 64
247Sports: No. 132
ESPN: No. 80
Rivals: No. 75

4-star C Daniel Jacobsen

Daniel Jacobsen
Size: 7-3 / 235
School: Brewster Academy (NH)
Signed with Purdue

On3 Ranking: No. 68
247Sports: NR
Rivals: NR

4-start SG Daniil Glazkov

Daniil Glazkov
Size: 6-5 / 205
School: IMG Academy (FL)

On3 Ranking: No. 68
247Sports: NR
Rivals: NR

4-star SF Isaiah Johnson-Arigu

Isaiah Johnson-Arigu
Size: 6-7 / 190
School: Totino Grace (MN)
Signed with Miami

On3 Ranking: No. 93
247Sports: No. 136
Rivals: No. 121

4-star PG Elijah Crawford

Elijah Crawford
Size: 6-2 / 185
School: Brewst Academy (NH)
Signed with Stanford

On3 Ranking: No. 94
247Sports: 143
Rivals: NR