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Biggest risers in the updated 2025 On300 rankings

Collin-headshotby:Collin Ginnan07/08/24


On3 has released its updated player rankings — the On300 — for the 2025 cycle. Dozens of prospects across the country saw their stock rise heading into their senior seasons this fall.

A handful of recruits made especially large jumps after the latest evaluations from On3’s scouting and rankings team.

On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power and National Scout Cody Bellaire break down some of the biggest movers since April.

4-star CB Shamari Earls — Georgia commit

New On300 Ranking: No. 19
Previous On300 Ranking: No. 69
School: Chester (Va.) Thomas Dale

Scout’s Take: Shamari Earls is one of the most physically gifted corners in the 2025 cycle. Checking in at just under 6-foo-2, around 205 pounds with plus-length. At that size, he is a top-shelf athlete, which projects really well long-term at the position. He ran a 10.8-second 100-meter this spring, had one of the top long jumps in the country during the indoor season. You see that athleticism on the field on Friday nights. Shamari Earls stars as a two-way player at his high school as a receiver and corner. The ball skills translate really well to corner. He shows his athleticism with his ability to pull away on offense and make impressive plays and stay in phase on defense. I think when you look at his pure physical traits and skillset, he clearly is an ascending player at the position and is one who, heading into his senior year, we feel the best about potentially cracking into the top tier of corners, who are all three currently five-stars and top-10 prospects.” — Charles Power, Director of Scouting and Rankings

4-star QB Deuce Knight — Notre Dame commit

New On300 Ranking: No. 28
Previous On300 Ranking: No. 54
School: Lucedale (Miss.) George County

Scout’s Take: Deuce Knight had a busy offseason and it allowed for us at On3 to get plenty of live looks at him. We were able to see him perform in multiple live settings including the Under Armour Camp Series, OT7 Championship Series and the Elite 11. Knight has always had the size and athleticism, but in previous live viewings, we felt the accuracy and decision making were inconsistent. However, during the OT7 Championship Series we saw him light up the scoreboard for two days in a row. It was the first true sign of consistency that we had seen from him in a live setting and we saw that consistency carry into the Elite 11 Finals where he earned On3 MVP honors. Knight is one of the more gifted prospects at the quarterback position and has set himself up for a potential fifth star if he is able to bring this consistency that we were able to see during the offseason into his senior year.” — Cody Bellaire, National Scout

4-star QB Husan Longstreet — Texas A&M commit

New On300 Ranking: No. 30
Previous On300 Ranking: No. 77
School: Corona (Calif.) Centennial

Scout’s Take: Husan Longstreet has arguably the strongest arm in the cycle, especially that we’ve seen in person over the past couple of months on the camp circuit. He has a rocket launcher attached to his arms. So for starters, the arm strength is elite. Seeing him in person at the Elite 11 Finals, it looked like he has improved his consistency, his ability to layer the ball and throw with accuracy. When you turn on the film, his physical ability really translates. He makes a ton of high-level downfield passes. After seeing him in person and seeing his consistency improve at Elite 11, we felt good about him moving into the top 30.” — Charles Power, Director of Scouting and Rankings

4-star QB Keelon Russell — Alabama commit

New On300 Ranking: No. 37
Previous On300 Ranking: No. 80
School: Duncanville (Texas)

Scout’s Take: Keelon Russell is someone who has had his arrow pointing up for quite some time. Ever since we initially saw him at the Under Armour Dallas camp in 2023, Russell has been a prospect that we have seen steadily improve his game at nearly every live viewing. From a mechanics perspective, he has taken immense strides in tying his lower half to his upper body. He has always had the top-tier arm talent and zip on the football, but he has become much cleaner mechanically and it has paid dividends on the camp circuit earning Elite 11 Finals MVP honors by the Elite 11 staff. These mechanical improvements have seen him become a more accurate passer in the pocket and on the move. He has lined himself up for a possible fifth star if he is able to lead a Duncanville offense to new heights as a senior after losing one of its top offensive weapons from the previous season to the next level in Caden Durham.” — Cody Bellaire, National Scout

4-star LB Elijah Barnes — Texas commit

New On300 Ranking: No. 61
Previous On300 Ranking: No. 117
School: Dallas Skyline

Scout’s Take: Elijah Barnes has a lot of the markers and skills that you look for at the linebacker position. At 6-foot-1, 230 pounds, he’s a sub-11 100-meter sprinter. And is a guy who is just hyperproductive on Friday nights at Dallas Skyline. He can run sideline-to-sideline, he’s physical, he has the ready-made size to thump between the tackles as a run defender and the athleticism to play in space. When we took a step back and looked at his total skillset with his size, his athleticism and his high-level production, we came away feeling good about him moving up within that linebacker group.” — Charles Power, Director of Scouting and Rankings

4-star CB Brandon Finney — Oregon commit

New On300 Ranking: No. 70
Previous On300 Ranking: No. 131
School: Owings Mills (Md.) McDonogh School

Scout’s Take: Brandon Finney solidified what was an already strong athletic profile this offseason by lighting the camp circuit and track on fire. Finney laid down personal bests in four events during his junior track season running 6.41 in the 55m, 7.00 in the 60m, 10.85 in the 100m and 21.84 in the 200m. He backed up his track performances by putting together one of the stronger defensive back workouts of the entire Under Armour Camp Series in the testing portion, individual drills and competition periods. Finney is long, athletic and polished at the cornerback position and has a chance to continue to see his stock rise if he is able to come down with more ball production as a senior.” — Cody Bellaire, National Scout

4-star DL Zion Williams — LSU commit

New On300 Ranking: No. 86
Previous On300 Ranking: Unranked 3-star
School: Lufkin (Texas)

Scout’s Take: Zion Williams has a rare body type along the interior and certainly one that I think stacks up really well at the position nationally. He’s close to 6-foot-4, 330 pounds with elite length. He really holds that weight extremely well, moves like a much smaller player. When you watch him play on Friday nights, his ability to occupy offensive linemen as a run defender along with his ability to make plays behind the line of scrimmage really impressed us. He has, relative to the top defensive linemen in the country, really has kind of rare size at this point. When you watch how he moves at that size, you have to feel good about his long-term projection.” — Charles Power, Director of Scouting and Rankings

4-star TE Brody Lennon — Ohio State commit

New On300 Ranking: No. 137
Previous On300 Ranking: Unranked 3-star
School: Cleveland Gilmour Academy

Scout’s Take: Brody Lennon is a prospect that we had always held in high regard off of his production and film, but due to a lack of verified size and testing, we were unable to comfortably determine his true floor and ceiling. However, during this summer camp circuit, Lennon has laid down some impressive athletic testing metrics including a 4.5 40-yard dash during a college summer camp. Plus, we were able to verify his size with him measuring in at multiple programs over the 6-foot-4 mark, and 215-plus pounds with excellent length. So when we went back and reevaluated the tape through this new lens we felt that he was worthy of a spot in the On300 heading into his senior season due to his combination of size, positional traits and movement skills.” — Cody Bellaire, National Scout

4-star CB Maison Dunn — Ole Miss commit

New On300 Ranking: No. 141
Previous On300 Ranking: Unranked 3-star
School: Tupelo (Miss.)

Scout’s Take: Maison Dunn is a tall, highly-physical corner. One who we were excited by his film. He’s over 6-foot-2, 180 pounds; has elite length for the position and hits like a Mack Truck. He has also turned in very strong performances against Power 4 signees as a junior. Watching his game film along with learning more about his physical traits, we felt like he had the look of a surefire blue-chip corner and one who we like inside the On300.” — Charles Power, Director of Scouting and Rankings

4-star EDGE Jayden Loftin — Tennessee commit

New On300 Ranking: No. 157
Previous On300 Ranking: Unranked 3-star
School: Somerville (N.J.)

Scout’s Take: Jayden Loftin is another prospect that we were fired up to get verified athleticism and size for heading into their senior season. At nearly 6-foot-5, 245 pounds, Loftin laid down some tremendous explosive and agility numbers relative to his size and position group during the spring camp circuit. He has the rare combination of burst and bend from the EDGE position that so many defensive coaches covet with their pass rushers. Loftin proved this offseason that not only does he look the part, but he can play the part as well putting together one of the top workouts from any edge defender that participated in an Under Armour camp during the offseason. And as one of the younger prospects in the 2025 class, Loftin’s upside is certainly as high as anyone’s in the EDGE group.” — Cody Bellaire, National Scout