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NBA Draft: First round selections from preps to pros

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw06/26/24


On Wednesday night, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will walk to the podium to announce 14 lottery picks and 30 first-rounders. Coverage of the 2024 NBA Draft will start at 8:00 PM EST at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. This will be the latest step in each of these players’ journeys from the high school ranks to their professional careers.

Last year, four of the first five picks in the NBA Draft came from outside of the college basketball route. This year, players like Zaccharie Risacher and Alexandre Sarr, projected to go first and second, are following that route. This draft should be interesting with a few twists and turns as there is some uncertainty heading in.

As the 2023 NBA Draft gets underway, On3 National Recruiting Analyst, Jamie Shaw, takes a look back at his player evaluations of each prospect.

My final 2024 NBA Draft Big Board

1. Atlanta Hawks

G Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg (France)

6-8.5 | 210 pounds | 8-11 standing reach | April 2005

2023-24 Stats: 32 games. 22.0 minutes. 10.1 points. 3.8 rebounds. 0.9 assists. 0.8 steals. 0.5 blocks. 43.9% FG. 35.2% 3P. 74.0% FT.

Zaccharie Risacher grew up playing in France. He was not ranked by any of the four major scouting services.

On3 Scouting Report as an NBA Draft Prospect: “While Zach Risacher might not have the highest ceiling, there is a floor to his game that provides familiarity. The 6-foot-8 skilled wing has range, solid athleticism, and defensive instincts that are very attractive at his position. While the self-creation lacks, along with the blow by speed, the three-and-D nature of his game leads to a valuable archetype. He also exploded toward the end of his season, with perfect timing, in a 28-point Ligue Nationalae de Basket playoff output.”

2. Washington Wizards

C Alex Sarr, Perth (NBL)

6-11.75 | 224.2 pounds | 9-2 standing reach | April 2005

2023-24 Stats: 27 games. 17.3 minutes. 9.4 points. 4.3 rebounds. 0.9 assists. 1.5 blocks. 0.4 steals. 52% FG. 71% FT.

Alex Sarr grew up playing in France. He spent last season playing professionally with the Atlanta (GA) Overtime Elite organization before moving to the NBL this season. He was not ranked by any of the four major scouring services.

On3 Scouting Report as an NBA Draft Prospect: “In an NBA Draft that lacks high-end talent, Alexandre Sarr’s upside puts him in a tier of his own. With a look at his fluid athleticism, positional size, and the offensive flashes, his two-way potential is intriguing. The defense you see plays out now, with his ability to move his feet and slide and the natural rim protection (1.5 blocks in 17.3 minutes). The offense is raw, but he shows flashes of touch with some undeveloped comfort dribbling the ball in space. The totality of his game is still unrefined, and there is a lot of room between Sarr’s current production and his high ceiling, but as things continue to develop for him, there are a lot of positives to work through.”

3. Houston Rockers (via Brooklyn Nets)

G Reed Sheppard, Kentucky

6-1.75 | 181.6 pounds | 7-9.5 June 2004

2023-24 Stats: 33 games. 28.9 minutes. 12.5 points. 4.1 rebounds. 4.5 assists. 2.5 steals. 0.7 blocks. 53.6% FG. 52.1% 3P. 83.1% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – No. 27, 247Sports – No. 79, ESPN – No. 23, Rivals – No. 23

Reed Sheppard ended the 2023 recruiting cycle ranked No. 27 overall by On3. Sheppard earned McDonald’s All-American honors where he had a solid week, proving he belonged among the top players in the class, which culminated with him playing 12:52 minutes in the game and scoring 4 points. 

On3 moved Sheppard into the top-30 of the final 2023 ranking based on his feel for the game and his skill set. The quick processing and shooting were obvious. The worries stemmed from questions about his ability to play as a primary ball handler. It was not just throughout McDonald’s week that Sheppard was best off ball, it was the same during travel ball and the NBPA Camp. All of these attributes were shown while at Kentucky. He was college basketball’s most prolific shooter and his defensive instincts shined brightly. He also became turnover-prone when asked to play on the ball. 

On3 Scouting Report As a High School Prospect: “Reed Sheppard is a confident player who can shoot and pass. He has good court vision and can make things happen for others in transition. Sheppard is an average lateral athlete and he needs to add strength to his frame, but he gives good effort on the defense end. Sheppard has good straight-line, vertical athleticism: He needs to tighten his dribble in the half-court to become more of a true/full-time PG. Sheppard has a smooth jump shot, with deep range and a consistent and repeatable release. His mom and dad both played at Kentucky.”

4. San Antonio Spurs

G Stephon Castle, UConn

6-5.5 | 210 pounds | 8-6 standing reach | November 2004

2023-24 Stats: 34 games. 27.0 minutes. 11.1 points. 4.7 rebounds. 2.9 assists. 0.8 steals. 0.5 blocks. 47.2% FG. 26.7% 3P. 75.5% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – 8, 247Sports – 9, ESPN – 12, Rivals – 10

On3 was ahead of the curve in giving Stephon Castle five-star status, giving him his fifth star in November of 2022. His ability to make plays on the ball with his size and strength was too hard to ignore. Something that was always interesting about Castle, while he might not be the best practice player, when the lights are the brightest, he performed his best. The 2023 McDonald’s All-American had an up-and-down week, but in his 13:12  minutes played in the game, he finished with 13 points. The positional size and quick processing along with his no-nonsense approach have always intrigued me. 

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “The ball skills and the reads were the takeaways with Stephon Castle throughout the week. Listed on the roster at 6-6, he is built like a wing, but he made his biggest impact – as he does in travel ball and in high school – playing on the ball. Castle touched the paint with balance and he sprayed good passes across the floor, not forcing anything. While he made a couple of jump shots in the scrimmage portion, would like to see that continue to tighten up. Castle was a disruptive defender both in small-sided and 5-on-5 games.”

5. Detroit Pistons

F Ron Holland, G-League Ignite

6-6.5 | 196.8 pounds | 8-8 standing reach | July 2005

2023-24 Stats: 14 games. 33.6 minutes. 20.6 points. 6.6 rebounds. 3.2 assists, 0.7 blocks. 2.5 steals. 44.3% FG. 24.0% 3P. 75.7% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – 3, 247Sports – 1, ESPN – 2, Rivals – 5

It was an up-and-down year for Ron Holland, being thrust into a featured role in a pro league as just an 18 year old. Holland adjusted, and he finished the season strong before an injury. In his time on the court, questions arose with his shooting and decision-making. 

In high school, Holland won. The long and explosive forward flew around the court, consistently making plays in each setting. He was the featured player for multiple FIBA gold medal-winning teams with USA Basketball. He was also the featured player with State Champion Duncanville (TX) High. Holland has always adjusted and found a way to succeed and that was simply too hard to ignore coming up as he started and finished his recruiting cycle in On3’s top 5.

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “It is the motor for Holland; that is what you notice first. He has good positional size, but it is how hard he plays – on both ends – that gets people talking. Holland has performed at the highest levels, with Team USA, on Nike’s EYBL circuit, and at Duncanville High. Coming into his junior season, the question mark was the skill set; he has shown some improvement. While the jump shot is still below average, he can use the dribble to get downhill, and he’s developed confidence in his pull-up jumper. Holland is great in transition; he plays above the rim and has the upside to be an excellent defender – both on and off the ball. Production and winning that is what he has done for a while.”

6. Charlotte Hornets

F Tidjane Salaun, Cholet Basket (France)

Tidjane Salaun grew up playing in France. He was not ranked by any of the four major scouting services.

6-8.75 | 217.4 pounds | 9-2 standing reach | August 2005

2023-24 Stats: 33 games. 22.7 minutes. 9.0 points. 4.0 rebounds. 1.0 assists. 1.2 steals. 0.2 blocks. 37.3% FG. 32.9% 3P. 76.7% FT.

On3 Scouting Report as an NBA Prospect: “Tidjane Salaun is an upside play. He has impressive physical tools with flashes of skill that continue to pop when watching his film. Salaun shows shooting touch along with defensive versatility. He has a good motor with a 7-foot-1 wing span. He does not process well at this point, which leads to either head-scratching decisions or long droughts with not much production. With that said, the skill flashes as an 18-year-old and the physical traits do lead to an interesting floor. And as the season has worn on this year he has become more productive and more confident. Salaun is also young, not a ready-now type prospect, but in a draft class with a lot of questions, this upside is certainly intriguing.”

7. Portland Trailblazers

C Donovan Clingan, UConn

7-1.75 | 282 pounds | 9-7 standing reach | February 2004

2023-24 Stats: 35 games. 22.5 minutes. 13.0 points. 7.4 rebounds. 1.5 assists. 0.5 steals. 2.5 blocks. 63.9% FG. 25.0% 3P. 58.3% FT.

Industry 2022 Rankings: On3 – 33, 247Sports – 73, ESPN – 56, Rivals – 39

Donovan Clingan spent his freshman season in an apprentice role behind All-American Adama Sonogo. He then stepped into the spotlight as a sophomore, becoming the featured center for the best team in college basketball. With that, Clingan spent the off-season getting his body right and the way he moved was notably better as a sophomore, which showed just what he could be as he climbs levels. 

As a prospect, Clingan was the Connecticut Gatorade Player of the Year at Bristol (CT) Bristol Central. Despite playing for his local high school and an independent travel team, Clingan showed an excellent feel for the game. He was a huge presence in the paint, and despite his lack of a jump shot, that rim and paint protection became too hard to ignore, easily maintaining his status as a top-35 overall prospect. The 7-foot-2 center entered college, and continued to grow his game.

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “Big. Has long arms and just a hulking frame. Great hands with touch over both shoulders. Can score with back to the basket. Good pace, good patience on the block. A great passer from multiple spots in the half-court can run some actions through him. A good shot blocker with natural timing, both hands. The athleticism and lack of pop are the questions. Can he get caught defensively out on an island? Can pick and pop out to 18-feet. A good rebounder in his area. Productive. Competes.”

8. Minnesota Timberwolves (via San Antonio Spurs)

G Rob Dillingham, Kentucky

6-2 | 170 pounds | January 2005

2023-24 Stats: 32 games. 23.3 minutes. 15.2 points. 2.9 rebounds. 3.9 assists. 1.0 steals. 0.1 blocks. 47.5% FG. 44.4% 3P. 79.6% FT.

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “It’s the buckets. Rob Dillingham has a microwave ability that has been unmatched, to this point, by any of his classmates. While the 6-foot-3 guard is an average athlete and has average size and length for a shooting guard, it is his craft and his confidence that allows him to get hot. Dillingham can manufacture space off the bounce and get his shot off with the slightest of room. He is a below-average defender. While it is all centered around skill, there is an electric nature to his game. He can get hot in the blink of an eye and his next shot is always the best shot. Dillingham will need strength, and with that may come more explosion.”

9. Memphis Grizzlies

C Zach Edey, Purdue

7-3.75 | 299 pounds | 9-7 standing reach | May 2002

2023-24 Stats: 39 games. 32.0 minutes. 25.2 points. 12.2 rebounds. 2.0 assists. 0.3 steals. 2.2 blocks. 62.3% FG. 50.0% 3P. 71.1% FT.

Zach Edey was in high school prior to On3’s inception as a company. He was not ranked nationally by any of the three major recruiting services. He was ranked positionally No. 75 via 247Sports and No. 66 via ESPN.

10. Utah Jazz

F Cody Williams, Colorado

6-6.5 | 178.4 pounds | 8-7 standing reach | November 2004

2023-24 Stats: 24 games. 28.4 minutes. 11.9 points. 3.0 rebounds. 1.6 assists. 0.6 steals. 0.7 blocks. 55.2% FG. 41.5% 3P. 71.4% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – 1, 247Sports – 4, ESPN – 7, Rivals – 7

Cody Williams ended the 2023 recruiting cycle as On3’s No. 1 overall player in the class. At the end of the day, we took into account that his brother – Oklahoma City’s Jalen Williams – was a late bloomer, but also the skill set he had. At his height, with his wing span, Williams played primarily on the ball both in high school and AAU which showcased sound decision-making.

He battled through multiple injuries at Colorado, but in his time on the floor, he showed he could slash to the basket and knock down shots. The shooting touch was a major question mark entering college, but he shot, on low volume, at a 41.5 percent clip. He will need to continue adding weight, which should help with his ability in the paint as well as his burst from the wing. 

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “Cody Williams looks the part, possibly even growing another inch since last saw him early in the season. He was very comfortable on the ball, handling in the half court and pushing in the open floor. He plays with a subdued demeanor and can, at times, drift in and out of the game. He is a solid athlete, and you want to see more consistency from the jumper. Great length with a nice upside on the defensive end. The tools are there along with long-term upside and intrigue.

11. Chicago Bulls

F Matas Buzelis, G-League Ignite

6-8.75 | 197 pounds | 8-9.5 standing reach | October 2004

2023-24 Stats: 26 gmes. 32.0 minutes. 14.3 points. 6.9 rebounds. 1.9 assists. 0.9 steals. 2.1 blocks. 44.5% FG. 27.3% 3P. 67.9% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – 7, 247Sports – 7, ESPN – 5, Rivals – 5

Matas Buzelis jumped on the scene playing with the Mac Irvin Fire on Nike’s 16u Circuit prior to his junior year of high school. His collection of size, fluidity, and open-floor ball skills was very intriguing for a player so young. Questions arose with Buzeilis because his overall game has not developed much over the past couple of years, still loose with his handle and inconsistent with his jump shot. He also has not won much over the years. With that said, there is no denying the tools along with the consistent counting numbers he has put up. 

Buzelis was a 2023 McDonald’s All-American, and he shined throughout the week during one-on-one play and King of the Court. He was also impressive in the dunk contest. In the game, he played 13.01 minutes and scored 4 points. 

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “Matas Buzelis has a lot of tools you look for in a modern forward. He has great positional size and good length. At 6-foot-10 you see he is very effective in transition with great balance and good burst. Buzelis has a good handle in the open floor. He is currently a perimeter-oriented player. He needs to tighten his handle in the half-court, to help get him to his spots better and more effectively. The jump shot is also a slow release. He is better shooting off the catch than the bounce. He is a good off-ball cutter, finishing above the rim on backdoor cuts. He is at his best working with minimal dribbles from the mid-range/mid-post area. He needs strength and the motor runs hot and cold. The upside is here.”

12. Oklahoma City Thunder

G Nikola Topic, KK Crvena zvezda (Croatia)

6-7 | 200 pounds | August 2005

2023-24 Stats: 16 games. 31.2 minutes. 16.1 points. 3.4 rebounds. 6.4 assists. 0.8 steals. 0.2 blocks. 50.0% FG. 25.7% 3P. 86.2% FT.

On3 Scouting Report as an NBA Prospect: “There is a lot to like with

game. He is crafty in the pick and roll, using good pace and excellent feel to process and distribute properly weighted passes from various angles and levels of the court. His passing is eye-opening. At 6-foot-7 he has excellent positional size and he has traditionally lived in the paint. There are some questions with his burst. Can he get by NBA players without a screen? Also, his shooting has been inconsistent. How do those two aspects play out for an on-ball player? A team will need to buy on the development of one, or both, of those pieces. However, there is no denying the processing and his feel and ability to manipulate a defense with his eyes and pace.”

13. Sacramento Kings

G Devin Carter, Providence

6-2.25 | 193 pounds | 8-2 standing reach | March 2002

2023-24 Stats: 33 games. 35.3 minutes. 19.7 points. 8.7 rebounds. 3.6 assists. 1.8 steals. 1.0 blocks. 47.3% FG. 37.7% 3P. 74.9% FT.

Industry 2021 Rankings: On3 – 98, 247Sports – 87, ESPN – 94, Rivals – 93 

Devin Carter started his college with Frank Martin at South Carolina where he showed promise as a freshman. Upon South Carolina and Martin parting ways, Carter transferred to Providence. In his first year with the Friars, under Ed Cooley, Carter had a solid season, finishing with double figures and playing excellent defense.

This season under Kim English, Carter became a star, earning Big East Player of the Year honors. The son of former long-time NBA guard, and current Memphis Grizzlies assistant coach, Anthony Carter, Devin has always been a tough and explosive player. THat is a lot of what jumped Carter into the top 100 after his prep year at Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Academy. He has continued to grow each year after high school.

14. Washington Wizards (via Portland Trailblazers)

G Bub Carrington, Pittsburgh

6-3.75 | 194.8 pounds | 8-3 standing reach | July 2005

2023-24 Stats: 33 games. 33.2 minutes. 13.8 points. 5.2 rebounds. 4.1 assists. 0.6 steals. 0.2 blocks. 41.2% FG. 32.2% 3P. 78.5% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – 96, 247Sports – 91, ESPN – NR, Rivals – 94

Bub Carrington simply has the ability to play basketball. He started his college career off with a triple-double and finished the season as strong as any guard in the ACC. Carrington has the ability to play on the ball and he showed at the NBA Draft Combine that he has shooting touch. While he measured fine at the Combine, there are some athletic questions about his burst and explosion. But Carrington brings a toughness. As he continues to grow as he adds strength, he is one of the youngest players in the draft, his game should continue to do the same. The mentality paired with the positional size and skill versatility are very intriguing long-term. A not right now player, but a look at the potential outcomes three years don’t he road is worth paying attention to.

15. Miami Heat

C Kel’el Ware, Indiana

7-0 | 235 pounds | April 2004

2023-24 Stats: 30 games. 32.2 minutes. 15.9 points. 9.9 rebounds. 1.5 assists. 0.6 steals. 1.9 blocks. 58.6% FG. 42.5% 3P. 63.4% FT.

Industry 2022 Rankings: On3 – 6, 247Sports – 7, ESPN – 8, Rivals – 7

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “It’s the natural tools that pop for Kel’el Ware. The length is elite. Is quick off the floor with both his first and second jumps. Natural timing as a shot blocker. Needs strength. Is still raw. Offensively he does have touch, he makes his free throws. Can step out and knock down threes but, at this point, is better in the dunker spots and as a rim-runner. Can drift in and out of games, take some plays off (sometimes disappears for entire quarters). A willing rebounder relies on being bigger than opponent rather than establishing position. Will be some how tough is he questions along with how much does he love basketball? Is not a finished product, there is some growth still to go here, but with patience, there could be a big reward in the end. A boom or bust type prospect.”

16. Philadelphia 76ers

G Jared McCain, Duke

6-2 | 203 pounds | 8-2 standing reach | February 2004

2023-24 Stats: 36 games. 31.6 minutes. 14.3 points. 5.0 rebounds. 1.9 assists. 1.1 steals. 0.1 blocks. 46.2% FG. 41.4% 3P. 88.5% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – 13, 247Sports – 14, ESPN – 10, Rivals – 12

On3 Scouting Report as a Prospect: “Jared McCain can get going in a hurry and put up numbers. He won the McDAA 3-point contest, and that is pretty indicative of how he shot the ball all week. McCain has a scorer’s mentality with the ball in his hands. He is a competitive defender and plays downhill when he can. While the court vision could come into question, and his finishing at the rim, McCain competes, positive things seem to happen when he is on the floor.”

17. Los Angeles Lakers

F Dalton Knecht, Tennessee

6-5.25 | 212.2 pounds | 8-7.5 standing reach | April 2001

2023-24 Stats: 36 games. 30.6 minutes. 21.7 points. 4.9 rebounds. 1.8 assists. 0.7 steals. 0.6 blocks. 45.8% FG. 39.7% 3P. 77.2% FT.

Dalton Knecht was in high school prior to On3’s inception as a company. He was not ranked by any of the three major recruiting services coming out of high school.

On3 Scouting Report as an NBA Draft Prospect: “Dalton Knecht proved to be one of college basketball’s top shotmakers last season. The SEC Player of the Year averaged over 21 points while shooting 39.7 percent from three. Knecht showed capable of self-creation off the bounce, looking very comfortable from multiple levels with his pull-up jump shot. He also shot the ball well as a floor-spacing shooter, which will be a lot of what he is asked to do in the NBA. Knecht measured well physically at the NBA Draft Combine and he tested well athletically. The defensive questions will continue, but he has the athletic and physical tools to continue trending in a positive way on that end.”

18. Orlando Magic

F Tristan da Silva, Colorado

6-8.25 | 216.8 pounds | 8-8.5 standing reach | May 2001

2023-24 Stats: 34 games. 34.0 minutes. 16.0 points. 5.1 rebounds. 2.4 assists. 1.1 steals. 0.6 blocks. 49.3% FG. 39.5% 3P. 83.5% FT.

Tristan da Silva was in high school prior to On3’s inception. He was not ranked by any of the three major recruiting services.

Tristan da Silva used his time in Colorado to develop. And he was able to do so, especially with his shooting. With positional size, da Silva shot close to 40 percent from three in each of his last three collegiate seasons. He has shown he can be a floor-spacer that the NBA covets at this point. He will need to answer questions about toughness, handle, and ability to defend, but the shooting is his ticket to the show and the positional size and length are a factor as well.

19. Toronto Raptors

G Ja’Kobe Walter, Baylor

6-4.25 | 197.6 pounds | 8-6.5 standing reach | September 2004

2023-24 Stats: 35 games. 32.3 minutes. 14.5 points. 4.4 rebounds. 1.4 assists. 1.1 steals. 0.2 blocks. 37.6% FG. 34.1% 3P. 79.2% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – 9, 247Sports – 8, ESPN – 8, Rivals – 13

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “Ja’kobe Walter has a great frame, long arms with wide shoulders. What you first see in his game is his shooting ability. He has great balance and a quick, repeatable release. While not the quickest player, the 6-5 shooting guard is comfortable getting to his spots on the floor. He has a solid handle when pushing the break and is a solid team defender. With the way shooting is valued in today’s game, Walter is one of the best in-game shot-makers in the 2023 class.”

20. Cleveland Cavaliers

F Jaylon Tyson, Cal

6-5.5 | 218.2 pounds | 8-6.5 standing reach | December 2002

2023-24 Stats: 31 games. 34.3 minutes. 19.6 points. 6.8 rebounds. 3.5 assists. 1.2 steals. 0.5 blocks. 46.5% FG. 36.0% 3P. 79.6% FT.

Industry 2021 Rankings: On3 – 41, 247Sports – 36, ESPN – 31, Rivals – 41

While it took a couple seasons, Jaylon Tyson comfortably stepped into the featured role with Cal. It was his third school in three years, but Tyson showed a comfort getting to his spots on the court and effectively knocking down shots or making plays. He shot 37.8 percent from three over the last two seasons, that will be where his value comes. Will need to make better decisions on the ball, which should come with a lesser usage, but can see the floor. The value as a connector who can make shots with some size on the wing is interesting.

21. New Orleans Pelicans

C Yves Missi, Baylor

6-10.75 | 229.4 pounds | 9-1.5 sth | May 2004

2023-24 Stats: 34 games. 23.0 minutes. 10.7 points. 5.6 rebounds. 0.4 assists. 0.6 steals. 1.5 blocks. 61.4% FG. 0.0% 3P. 61.6% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – 30, 247Sports – 42, ESPN – 53, Rivals – 19

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “Yves Missi is a lengthy post player who moves both fluidly and explosively. At 6-foot-11, Missi runs the floor like a wing, quickly switching ends and putting himself in position to make a play. He is a good shot rim protector in the paint. He moves well laterally and can rotate and switch on defense. Missi plays with a good motor, and he has a purpose in going to get the ball. Offensively, he plays well out of the dunker spots and dives to the rim out of the pick-and-roll. He can knock down free throws, would like to see him transition the touch to being more consistent with the jump shot. He does have comfort on the block going over the left shoulder, still needs to continue developing there. He is a productive player with a nose for making things happen in the paint.”

22. Denver Nuggets (via Phoenix Suns)

C DaRon Holmes, Dayton

6-8.75 | 236.2 pounds | August 2002

2023-24 Stats: 33 games. 32.4 minutes. 20.4 points. 8.3 rebounds. 2.6 assists. 0.9 steals. 2.1 blocks. 58.8% FG. 38.6% 3P. 71.3% FT.

Industry 2021 Rankings: On3 – 52, 247Sports – 54, ESPN – 46. Rivals – 47

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “Daron Holmes is a lengthy and mobile big. Has some touch but is at his best running in transition and playing as a vertical floor spacer in the dunker spot. Great timing as a shot-blocker, can use left and right hand. Hips are a little stiff, making one wonder about switching and moving feet on the perimeter. Needs to continue getting stronger, so his body catches up with his size. There is some upside here, may take a year or two for it to come to fruition.”

23. Milwaukee Bucks

G AJ Johnson, Illawarra Hawks (NBL)

6-4.25 | 167 pounds | December 2004

2023-24 Stats: 26 games. 7.7 minutes. 2.9 points. 1.3 rebounds. 0.7 assists. 0.2 steals. 0.1 blocks. 35.5% FG. 28.6% 3P. 53.8% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – 14, 247Sports – 24, ESPN – 47, Rivals – NR

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect: “AJ Johnson is a jet-fast point guard with elite end-to-end speed. He has great length and good size as a lead guard. Johnson will need to add weight; he is very skinny at this point. But his burst and explosion get him to his spots. Johnson is decisive getting downhill, using his dribble to attack the paint. Johnson has upside on defense with his length and quick twitch. The pull-up jump shot is a weapon in the mid-range. He is an above-average shooter that could continue to tighten. His natural tools are impressive, and as he continues to add weight, his ceiling is as high as any player in the 2023 class.”

24. Washington Wizards (via New York Knicks)

F Kyshawn George, Miami

6-7 | 208.8 pounds | 8-9 standing reach December 2003 

2023-24 Stats: 31 games. 23.0 minutes. 7.6 points. 3.0 rebounds. 2.2 assists. 0.9 steals. 0.4 blocks. 42.6% FG. 40.8% 3P. 77.8% FT.

Kyshawn George grew up Switzerland and played in France. He was not ranked nationally by any of the four major scouting services.

25. New York Knicks

F Pacome Dadiet, Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany)

6-7.75 | 216.8 pounds | 8-11.5 standing reach | July 2005

2023-24 Stats: 18 games. 14.9 minutes. 6.4 points. 1.6 rebounds. 0.3 assists. 0.6 steals. 0.2 blocks. 45.2% FG. 31.1% 3P. 72.0% FT.

26. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Washington Wizards)

F Dillon Jones, Weber State

6-6 | 235 pounds | October 2001

2023-24 Stats: 31 games. 37.0 minutes. 20.8 points. 9.8 rebounds. 5.2 assists. 2.0 steals. 0.1 blocks. 48.9% FG. 32.4% 3P. 85.7% FT.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves

F Terrence Shannon, Illinois

6-5.75 | 219.4 pounds | 8-4 standing reach | July, 2000

2023-24 stats: 32 games. 33.9 minutes. 23.0 points. 4.0 rebounds. 2.3 assists. 1.0 steals. 0.9 blocks. 47.5% FG. 36.2% 3P. 80.1% FT.

Industry 2019 Rankings: Terrence Shannon was in high school prior to On3’s inception as a company. 247Sports – 127, ESPN – 94, Rivals – 62

28. Phoenix Suns (via Denver Nuggets)

F Ryan Dunn, Virginia

6-6.25 | 213.6 pounds | 8-7 standing reach | January, 2003

2023-24 Stats: 34 games. 27.5 minutes. 8.1 points. 6.9 rebounds. 0.8 assists. 1.3 steals. 2.3 blocks. 54.8% FG. 20.0% 3P. 53.2% FT.

Industry 2022 Rankings: On3 – 56, 247Sports – 147, ESPN – NA, Rivals – 112

29. Utah Jazz

G Isaiah Collier, USC

6-2.5 | 204.6 pounds | 8-1.5 standing reach | October 2004

2023-24 Stats: 27 games. 30.0 minutes. 16.3 points. 2.9 rebounds. 4.3 assists. 1.5 steals. 0.2 blocks. 49.0% FG. 33.8% 3P. 67.3% FT.

Industry 2023 Rankings: On3 – 2, 247Spors – 2, ESPN – 1, Rivals – 1

On3 Scouting Report as a High School Prospect:Isaiah Collier has a very strong frame. Plays with great balance and is able to take a bump when attacking the basket. Surveys the floor well, head up with a great pace. Never gets rushed. Excellent passer in the half-court. Plays well out of the pick and roll makes excellent reads and his passes are on target and on time. The jump shot is streaky at all levels. Puts a relentless attack on the paint and the basket. He has the quick-twitch and the toughness to be a good on-ball defender, quick hands. Collier elevates the play of those around him. He is vocal on the floor, calls his team in for huddles, and speaks up. The jump shot remains a question (he did shoot 44.8% on 29 EYBL attempts this summer), but his ability to run a team is advanced.”

30. Boston Celtics

F Baylor Scheierman, Creighton

6-6.25 | 201.6 pounds | 8-6.5 standing reach | September 2000

2023-24 Stats: 35 games. 36.8 minutes. 18.5 points. 9.0 rebounds. 3.9 assists. 0.9 steals. 0.1 blocks. 44.8% FG. 38.1% 3P. 87.6% FT.

Baylor Scheierman was in high school prior to On3’s inception as a company. He was not ranked nationally by any of the three major recruiting services