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Nike EYBL Indianapolis: Overall Top Performers

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw05/20/24


Indianapolis, Indiana – Nike brought its EYBL travel circuit to Indianapolis for the first NCAA Live Evaluation period of the year. The EYBL brought over 200 teams from the 15u to the 17u divisions and college coaches across the country flocked to sit courtside and watch the talent.

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Let’s discuss the top performers from Nike’s EYBL Indianapolis.

On3 MVP: 5-star SF Jalen Haralson (Indy Heat)

Jalen Haralson was on a mission all weekend. The 6-foot-7 wing scored in bunches, attacking the rim and finishing with, and through contact. Haralson’s weekend was highlighted by a 37-point explosion on Saturday night. The stat sheet was not kept for Haralson’s Friday night showing. In his two Saturday games and on Sunday, Haralson averaged 26.7 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 2.7 assists while shooting 49.1 percent from the field, 36.4 percent from three, and 83.3 percent from the free-throw line. With the scoring exploits, Haralson was able to maintain his connecting exploits. He showcased a straight-line explosion and rebounded his position well. There was a lot of alpha being shown from Haralson.

2. 4-star SF Will Riley (UPlay)

Will Riley’s 42-point night one performance was the best individual showing of the weekend. The 6-foot-9 wing has a smooth feel when he has the ball in his hands. He gets to his spots in the half-court and plays with excellent pace and footwork using his soft touch to score from multiple levels. Other than his 42-point outburst, he finished with games of 29, 19, and 13. Not only does Riley score in bunches, he scores in an efficient manner. He utilizes excellent footwork in the paint, with an array of up-and-unders and step-throughs. He can also finish at multiple levels, with touch around the rim, pull-up jumpers, and floaters.

3. Five-Star Plus+ SF AJ Dybantsa (Oakland Soldiers)

AJ Dybantsa, On3’s No. 1 player in the 2025 class, did not score less than 20 points in any of his four games on the weekend. What was most impressive about Dybantsa’s game was the array of variance he showed scoring the basketball. On Sunday, the Five-Star+ wing finished with 20 points. He used an aggressive handle with different change of direction moves and counter dribbles made at full speed. He was able to get his body into the defender to create space at the rim. On Saturday, Dybantsa finished with 26 and 21 points. He was more methodical in his scoring approach, working the mid-range and the elbows and playing within two or three dribbles. Dybantsa is still working with his balance, especially in the halfcourt, but his handle, touch, and athletic frame provide such a high ceiling for his already productive game.

4. Five-Star Plus+ PF Cameron Boozer (Nightrydas)

The attractive part of Cameron Boozer’s game is the consistent production that he provides. On a game-by-game basis, Boozer rebounds his position, moves the ball, and finishes plays when his number is called. Through the weekend, Boozer averaged 23.5 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 2.0 assists while shooting 65.3 percent from the field. Boozer’s feel for the game is second to none. Listed at 6-foot-9 he has no wasted motion in any aspect of what he does. He rebounds his area well, with long arms and huge hands. He passes the ball with excellent touch and he scores it with range and balance.

5. Five-Star Plus+ SF Tyran Stokes (Oakland Soldiers)

Tyran Stokes started off the weekend with a very loud 31-point outburst where he went 12-17 from the field and finished with numerous boisterous dunks. While they did not keep the field goal stats, Stokes followed that first night output up with a 25-point showing. In his final two games, Stokes averaged 13.5 points on 33.3 percent shooting from the field. On Sunday, Stokes sat out of the first half of the game. Down at halftime, he went outside to put his uniform on and came in to bring his Oakland Soldiers team back from a double-figure deficit and finishing with 15 points on 6-12 from the field. He is an explosive athlete. He played aggressively this weekend, attacking the basket in straight lines. He has a physically developed frame with good length and a lot of explosion. He is stepping into an alpha-type role and he looked comfortable in that. The next step for Stokes is finding that consistency.

6. 4-star SG Tounde Yessoufou (Team WhyNot)

Production. That is where Tounde Yessoufou shines. The 6-foot-5 guard from California simply puts up numbers, across the board, each time on the floor. On the weekend, Yessoufou averaged 16.8 points and 5.5 rebounds while shooting 38.9 percent shooting from three. Yessoufou is an explosive, quick-twitch athlete. He carries a strong frame with excellent length. His motor runs hot and his instincts have him around the ball often. Yessoufou will need to continue adding to his pull-up jump shot and his change of pace on the ball. Defensively, Yessoufou guards multiple positions, switching up and down a lineup.

7. 4-star SG Darius Adams (PSA Cardinals)

Darius Adams has always been able to shoot the ball. And when you add the 6-foot-4 size to that soft shooting touch, there builds the intrigue. This weekend, Adams showcased his ability to score the ball in a variety of ways. Most notably, throughout the weekend, he showed how comfortable he is scoring off movement. Adams showed excellent footwork and balance, able to get squared to the rim attacking his spot from multiple angles. On the weekend, the scoring threat averaged 19.0 points while shooting 40.7 percent (11-27) from three. While still needing strength and developing off the bounce, Adams continues adding pieces to his game each time you see him.

8. Five-Star Plus+ SG Meleek Thomas (New Heights)

Meleek Thomas is an electric scorer, able to create space off the bounce and get clean looks often in the half-court. The 6-foot-3 shooting guard plays with the utmost confidence, and that is a major piece of his production. Thomas averaged 17.3 points while shooting 50.0 percent (6-12) from three. Thomas will need to continue working on his base strength and shot selection, his ability to create offense is what continues his production. He is competitive and he defends at the point of attack with a purpose.

9. 4-star SG Shelton Henderson (JL3)

The totality of Shelton Henderson’s game is robust. The 6-foot-5 guard can guard multiple positions with his strength, length, and foot speed. He is able to guard the ball as well as switch down and do some things on the block. Henderson touched the paint in the half-court. He used his quick first step to get his defender on his hip, and his strength to play through contact in the lane. Henderson is a good passer and an explosive finisher. He also rebounds his area well. Through the weekend, Henderson averaged 17.0 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 2.8 assists while shooting 50.9 percent from the field.

10. 4-star SG Kiyan Anthony (Team Melo)

The totality of Kiyan Anthony’s weekend was impressive. The 6-foot-5 shooting guard, and son of Carmelo Anthony, is taking on the role of go-to scorer pretty well. Certainly, Anthony will need to continue adding to his game, the handle and self-creation along with the defense are areas to look at. However, there is no denying that he put the ball in the basket. Overall, Anthony averaged 22.3 points while shooting 40.0 percent from three on 7.7 attempts per game. He also was able to get to the free-throw line, attempting 8.5 shots from the line each game. Anthony’s game is on a continued upward trajectory.

Other Nike EYBL Top Performers

5-star SG Jasper Johnson (Team Thad) is a scoring guard, and when he has things rolling he sees the ball go through the basket a lot. Johnson is a 6-foot-4 guard. He has range that extends beyond the three-point arc and has a quick release. He showed some footwork in the paint touch when going downhill. Next up for Johnson is consistency.

4-star CG Brayden Burries (Strive for Greatness) finished the weekend with a 40-point showing that had the gym buzzing. Playing against Team Melo, the 6-foot-5 guard was confident on the ball and was able to use his pace to keep the defense off-balance and make plays toward the rim. Burries was 14-17 from the free-throw line while going 12-18 from the field. If you take out Saturday’s 1-11 showing against Nightrydas, it was an overall good showing for him. Nothing is rushed with him and the confidence is high.

Five-Star Plus+ G Brandon McCoy (AZ Unity) primarily plays the lead guard role for this AZ Unity team. The lengthy guard has a confident handle and he is showing growth between facilitating and scoring. He is going to need to continue to find efficiency in his game, but he applies pressure at the point of attack and has a very high ceiling.

5-star PG Darius Acuff (The Family) plays with a lot of confidence on the ball. While his efficiency is inconsistent, there is no denying his ability to put the ball in the basket. The 6-foot-1 lead guard averaged 27.3 points and 2.0 assists over the weekend while shooting 52.9 percent (36-68) from the field and 32.1 percent (9-28) from three. He is quick into the paint and has range with a quick release.

4-star PG Cayden Boozer (Nightrydas) plays an uptempo game, putting pressure on the ball and touching the paint with the ball. The sturdy guard finished well at the rim and he distributed the ball to his teammates from various levels of the floor. There is a trust factor that Boozer will run the team.

4-star SG Trey McKenney (The Family) brings an innate toughness to the court. With that toughness, he defends on or off the ball with intensity. He is also able to get downhill toward the basket. McKenney’s jump shot is straightening out as he finished with over 20 points on multiple occasions this weekend.

4-star SF Dwayne Aristode (Expressions) ended the weekend with a bang, going for 18 points, three rebounds, and two blocks while shooting 8-11 from the field and 2-4 from three against Team Herro. The 6-foot-7 wing carries a lot of tools, with his explosive pop and lengthy frame. The consistency comes and goes when it comes to his assertiveness. The three-and-D archetype is still in place.

3-star G Christian Jeffrey (New Heights) plays a tough game. He is downhill at the point of attack and he defends the ball with a purpose. Jeffrey finished the final day with 22 points. He scored efficiently and he used his strength, length, and quick feet/hands to defend.

4-star SG Alex Lloyd (Nightrydas) Florida commit. Lloyd finished the weekend with his best outing of the event. He had 23 points, going 4-5 from three and 9-10 from the field. The 6-foot-2 guard brought sneaky explosion to the court along with confidence and shooting touch.

4-star SG Cam Holmes (AZ Unity) has an excellent feel for the game. The 6-foot-6 lefty defends well on and off the ball. He also moves the ball well on offense. The step he showed this weekend was with his shooting. Holmes confidently stepped into multiple threes off the catch.

3-star PG Keyshuan Tillery (City Rocks) had complete control of the flow of the game when he was on the floor. On the final day, against previously undefeated Team Takeover, the 5-foot-11 point guard could not be pressed, he made every big shot, and he got the ball to the spots where it needed to go.

4-star PF Zymicah Wilkins (Team United) brings a consistent production factor to the floor. The 6-foot-8 power forward plays with toughness, strength, and some finesse. His Team United team was able to run offense through the quick processor from multiple levels and he showed he could score with his back to the basket or facing the rim.

4-star SF Jaylen Harrell (Expressions) showed his scoring ability throughout the weekend. The 6-foot-5 wing has a strong frame with good length. He also plays confidently within two and three dribbles, able to get to his spots and showcase his high release and soft touch. Harrell finished with an efficient 17, 20, and 15 over the final two days of the event.

3-star PG Isaiah Denis (Team CP3) carries intriguing speed when the ball is in his hands. The 6-foot-4 lead guard plays with an alpha mentality and competes on both ends of the court. He is going to need to add weight as well as continue learning pace and reads, but he carries some unique qualities. In his second game on Saturday, Denis finished with 21 points, going 4-5 from three against Team Takeover.

3-star F Mason Blackwood (City Rocks) had a lot of coaches buzzing with his Saturday performances. Against the Oakland Soldiers, the 6-foot-6 wing had a game-high 23 points and seven rebounds, going 3-7 from three. In the win against LivOn, he had 12 and six, going 3-3 from beyond the arc. Blackwood is a strong and lengthy forward who consistently finds production in his own way.

3-star SG Brandon Lee (NY Rens) consistently scored the basketball at a high clip. He has a strong frame with good length, but where he really shined was getting into the teeth of the defense and absorbing contact. He averaged 20.8 points on the weekend getting to the free-throw line 9.0 times per game and shooting 91.7 percent when there.

4-star SF Jamier Jones (Florida Rebels) is a Providence commitment. The 6-foot-6 wing is a highly explosive player and he uses that, with his lengthy and strong frame to find a lot of production. In his Sunday showing, Jones finished with 17 points and five rebounds. He cut well off the ball, defending in the passing lanes, and he finished above the rim in transition.

4-star PG Jalen Reece (Florida Rebels) plays with confidence on the ball. What he did in the games I watched this weekend was take care of the basketball. He would handle the pressure up the court and get the ball to its proper spots. In his Sunday game, Reece finished with 15 points, four assists, and zero turnovers. The Florida Rebels are now in second place in their EYBL Division A.

4-star SG Hudson Greer (JL3) continues to take a step forward with his comfort level as a go-to scorer. The 6-foot-6 wing started the weekend going 3-17 on Friday night. Over the next three games, Greer averaged 18.0 points while shooting 57.5 percent from the field. He is confident in the mid-range, especially with his pull-up jumper.

4-star PF Sebastian Williams Adams (JL3) motor might be his best quality. He has a naturally strong frame along with good length. But the tweener forward has enough ball skills to face up and touch to be a threat from multiple levels. Williams Adams is a good rebounder and an active defender. There are winning qualities he brings to the court.

3-star PF Brady Koehler (Indy Heat) is an intriguing late-blooming forward. He has excellent length with a smooth jump shot and sneaky pop at the basket. He will need to continue getting stronger, and that could unlock more to his game. But the base tools are there for someone who has grown three or four inches in a short amount of time.

3-star SG Kaden Powers (NW Rotary Select) provided a spark for his team despite going 0-4 on the weekend. Powers is an explosive guard who is quick into the paint. He showed some passing chops around the basket and a confident jump shot from three. He shot 8-14 (57.1%) from three on the weekend and averaged 13.5 points.

4-star SG Jayden Forsythe (Team Final) had the look of one of the best shooters in the event. The 6-foot-3 guard has a strong frame with good length. He shot the ball with good balance and a high and soft release. On the weekend the On3 150 guard averaged 15.3 points and shot 47.8 percent (11-23) from beyond the arc.

4-star PF Jaden Toombs (Drive Nation) is a steady performer who brings a ferocity around the rim. The 6-foot-9 post player rebounds his area well, tracking the ball and using his soft hands to corral the ball in traffic. He finished well around the basket and even stepped out knock down threes this weekend. Toombs hoovered between six and nine rebounds each game this weekend and finished with 20-plus points twice.

3-star PF Jalen Wilson (Team Herro) is an opportunity player. At 6-foot-7, he seems to be around the ball, rebounds his area, and finishes around the basket. A low-maintenance forward, he ran the floor well and played solid team defense. There will be athleticism questions, but he finds his production off of his feel.

4-star CG Davion Hannah (Team Herro) is an athletic and aggressive, downhill guard. He is quick-twitch with good length, which shows heavily on the defensive side. Offensively, he touched the paint and showed upside in making plays whether it was the pass or the shot. He will need to continue solidifying the jump shot and the consistency of his reads. There is a gamer factor he brings to the court.

3-star SG Zach Kinzinger (Team Herro) Wisconsin commit. Kinzinger showcased quite the performance on Friday night, sparking a huge comeback run. The 6-foot-3 guard had 26 points on six made threes. He scored the ball at each level and utilzed his pace and touch to get to his spots and knock down shots. He ended the weekend by going over 20 points in three games and knocking down 20 total threes in the four games.

4-star SF Cam Ward (Team Durant) is a tough and physical wing who plays with athleticism and explosion. Ward finished well at the rim, both in transition and in the half-court. The 6-foot-7 forward was able to get downhill in straight lines and absorb the contact to continue to produce at an efficient rate. Ward did not log stats on night one, on days two and three he finished with 20, 18, and 20 points respectively.

4-star PG Acaden Lewis (Team Durant) plays a crafty floor game. He probes the defense well, gets into the paint, and finishes with an array of pull-ups and floaters. He is someone that you trust with the ball is going to be able to make a play. He has deep range on the jumper as well. His final day showing of 28 points and six assists, going 8-14 from the field was as impressive as any showing throughout the weekend.

3-star SG Ryan Crotty (Boo Williams) has taken off over the past couple of weeks, proving to be a threat as a shooter. He finished the weekend 12-30 (40.0%) from three. The 6-foot-5 shooting guard averaged 14.3 points.

3-star SG Jaron McKie (NJ Scholars) provided a spark for his NJ Scholars team. The 6-foot-2 combo scored the ball well this weekend, he also showed some passing acumen. The son of former NBA guard Aaron McKie will have some athletic questions to answer, but he has a good feel for the game with a skill base and confidence. He averaged 17.3 points and knocked down 2.8 threes per game.

4-star SF Dante Allen (Nightrydas) brings a consistent output to the floor. The 6-foot-2 wing plays downhill. He is a good team defender and he finishes through contact at the rim. He is efficient, finishing the plays when his number is called.

4-star Jason Crowe (Team WhyNot) is an adept scorer. He creates space off the bounce and uses his soft touch to score the ball from multiple levels. Crowe has an excellent change of pace and is at his best probing in the half-court with the ball in his hands.