Rece Davis evaluates who would win a matchup between Texas, Oregon

On3 imageby:Sam Gillenwater11/30/23


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There’s a very realistic possibility that, by the end of the week, we’re debating between Oregon and Texas for a spot in the College Football Playoff. However, if the two were to play a hypothetical matchup, would the Ducks or the Longhorns come out on top?

Rece Davis made his pick for the theoretical game between No. 5 Oregon and No. 7 Texas during the ‘College GameDay Podcast’ this week. After combing over the finest details for both squad, he ended up leaning with the Longhorns by the slimmest of margins.

“The resumes are very similar,” said Davis. “In that game? I would probably pick Texas to win the game – barely, maybe.”

This isn’t going to come down to a head-to-head, though. After the conference title games, there’s a world where we’re all analyzing the bodies of work for both teams against one another with a fine tooth comb.

Still, once again, Davis went with Texas to make the playoff over Oregon. He did so under the assumption that that’s the question that we’re asking on Sunday after both win.

With both being 12-1 and each having claimed their conference championships, Davis sees the Longhorns’ win at Alabama back in September as the only real divider between the two.

“If I were sitting in that room of 13? Assuming both play well in their respective conference championships games? Because every data point has to matter when you’re this close at this point. If they get down the stretch and they both finish well and they get there? Probably the thing that would carry the day for me would be Texas won in Tuscaloosa,” said Davis.

“You’re splitting hairs at the margins. I would prefer them to lean on football judgement. But if football judgement says the two teams are equal? Then you have to get to the resume,” Davis said. “I don’t think Oregon’s resume is outlandishly behind anybody’s. But I do think in a one singular data point that could make a difference? Texas’ win on the road in Tuscaloosa probably carries the day for me.”

We almost certainly won’t get a scenario where the Ducks and Longhorns get to settle this themselves on the field. Even so, we won’t have to wait long to see who is better or more deserving depending on where the committee slots them in the final ranking of the field.

“That’s a good one. That’s going to be (a debate),” said Davis.