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Jul 2022


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  • Matt Baty


  • Stephanie Temple

    Director of Athlete Engagement

RCJH was formed specifically to create an avenue by which the University of Kansas student-athletes can be empowered to make positive impacts on their communities and charities close to their hearts while utilizing their NIL. The group says it does have non-profit, 501(c)3 organization status. “Our partnership with local organizations facilitates impactful NIL collaborations with student-athletes,” the group’s website says. “Now Kansas fans and athletes can get in the game to make sure Jayhawks are competing not only athletically, but financially in that ecosystem. RCJH is designed to facilitate NIL opportunities for Kansas student-athletes with the community.” The nonprofit collective was founded in July 2022 in partnership with its for-profit brand Mass Strategies. Mass Strategies was originally founded in 2021 as 6th Man Strategies and 12th Man Strategies and became one of the most creative in the space with its focus on personal branding, sales, resources, PR, tax strategy, legal and business advising.

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