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  • Eddie Benningfield

    Executive Director

The Runners Rising Project was started in early 2022 with the goal of “helping University of Texas at San Antonio student-athletes become champions on and off the field by providing direct financial support, personal brand development, career mentorship and other professional opportunities.” The Runners Rising Project is currently operating as a not-for-profit organization and it’s 501(3)(c) non-profit is under review by the Internal Revenue Service. “While our formal federal non-profit status is pending, we operate exactly how most non-profits do,” the collective’s website says. “One hundred percent of our profits are contributed directly to student-athletes, while our staff consists entirely of unpaid volunteers.” At this time UTSA student-athletes are nominated for inclusive by the collective’s volunteer staff. “Our members vote on one male and one female NIL award recipient each month,” the collective’s website says. “These recipients should foremost be excellent ambassadors for the university as well as fierce competitors in their respective sport.”

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