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Glory2Glory Sports Agency launches mentorship program partnership with Chick-fil-A

Jeremy Crabtreeby:Jeremy Crabtree04/03/23


Unlike many other fast-food chains, Chick-fil-A hasn’t dived into name, image and likeness deals because the restaurant doesn’t have a brand strategy ambassador or a spokesperson. Instead, Chick-fil-A concentrates on being a “part of the customers’ lives and the communities it serves.” That’s why an initiative launched by Glory2Glory Sports Agency fits perfectly with what Chick-fil-A represents as a company.

Glory2Glory Sports Agency has partnered with three high school student-athletes in the Rochester, New York, area with a local Chick-fil-A franchise owner for its Student Athletes For Change Program.

While it’s not officially an NIL deal, Chick-fil-A franchise owner Michael Taylor is working hand-in-hand with Webster (N.Y.) Schroeder basketball stars Bria Watkins and Mariah Watkins and Princeton football signee Jackson Green, Glory2Glory and nonprofit Champions Academy on a partnership to enrich the lives of the players and people in the local community.

Bria and Mariah Watkins recently led Schroeder to a state title, and both have a long list of scholarship offers from D-I programs. Green is one of the top overall athletes in the Rochester area, starring in multiple sports. He turned down several D-I offers to play at Princeton.

The program launched last week with the Watkins sisters and Green. But Glory2Glory Sports Agency said it plans on working with Chick-fil-A to “scale it out to the nation” and will soon include two more student-athletes.

“We are excited because this program is structured to teach these young student-athletes how to navigate themselves with a national brand and how to publicly speak,” said Glory2Glory CEO Antoine Hyman, who played pro basketball for more than a decade across the world and now operates the agency. “Mike and Chick-fil-A are empowering the student-athletes to champion a great nonprofit company.”

Student Athletes For Change Program to help teens in need

As part of the program, the student-athletes will support Champions Academy and speak at its events about working hard, being dedicated and how sports can lift you up. Champions Academy is a nonprofit founded by former Super Bowl champion and Syracuse tight end Roland Williams. The nonprofit focuses on providing teens in poverty with the support needed to reach their fullest potential.

Taylor, who owns the Henrietta, New York, Chick-fil-A location, said he loves the Student Athletes For Change Program game plan formulated by Glory2Glory Sports Agency. He is also excited about the impact it’ll make in the area.

“Ultimately, it’s about empowering the kids to go out in the community, represent the community and help out,” Taylor said. “I think about when I was growing up and the challenges that I faced – just being able to have people that could mentor me and give me these opportunities would have been amazing.

“The Student Athletes For Change Program was something that I needed to immediately jump on. It went with our core values, where we talk about caring for the guests, caring for the product and caring for each other. To even share this moment with all of these students, it’s amazing. It’s a great lesson for everyone.”

What is Glory2Glory?

Glory2Glory Sports Agency is a full-service sports agency that helps student-athletes with college recruitment, placement, NIL deals and mentorship. The agency has agents spread across the Northeast. It was the first organization to facilitate an NIL deal with high school football players in New Jersey. Plus, it is quickly building momentum as one of the country’s up-and-coming groups in the NIL representation space.

“This whole journey is a bunch of these moments,” Hyman said. “It’s not about money. It’s about pioneering something brand new and really having an impact on these young people’s lives. Utilizing commercials and using local stars is something that benefits everybody.

“To help architect that for these small businesses and these student-athletes and their families, that’s been rewarding. It’s a phenomenon that’s about to explode. We’re excited to be a part of helping everyone – at every level and in a bunch of different sports – maximize their futures in the present.”